Who sent the flowers?

Papa made sure all the lights were turned off before going to bed.

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Do you want to go back home?

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Who should've done that?

Don't be afraid of making mistakes.

How did you answer him?

Tremble, you sentences!

Heather is giggling.


I have been crying.


You were sensational.

He set his son up as a baker.

We had to shut the window because of the mosquitoes.

My grandfather is living on a pension.

Come with me to the hospital.

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As the Duke of Zhou said, "It will benefit not to crave for the personal benifit".

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Look outside! It looks like it'll rain soon.

Show me the photos, please.

Lindsay died three weeks before I got out of prison.

No one suspected me.

Maybe Nick can help me.

You are fucked, my friend.

Leave them alone.

Weddings are usually happy occasions.

Do you know whether or not she can speak English?


I'll see what else I can do.

I have to go back for them.

Do you think Marguerite has already gone to bed?


That's why I lied to you.

I don't like both of you going to such a place.

I could go with him.


Nick didn't see anyone else at the station.

You had better not take such a hopeless view of life.

No more of your cheek or I'll hit you!


Throw another log on the fire, will you?

I should've followed your advice.

I'll replace her.

Barbara handed Brandy a white envelope.

She entered her twenties.

We shall not see his like again.

I know this is weird.

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Karen talks fast.

She was very nervous.

I noticed that, too.

I think Rudolf is a bit too impatient.

They sat down at every other desk.

The Tsubasa is a very fast train.

I framed him.


Could you tell me the way to the station, please?

Merat has lived in Boston since 2003.

No mountain in the world is as high as Mount Everest.

Pat is the only one who seems to know where Graham lives.

Put your book in your locker.


Radek is somewhat concerned.

The policeman let him off with a warning.

You never treat me right!


Can I see you outside for a moment?

I thought you said you could swim.

I can't find a job I like.

Julian is looking forward to seeing you again.

Scot went to Boston with Arthur.

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Steel is a widely-used material in civil construction.

The sunshine improved his color.

They were lucky.


Want an apple?


We'll get in touch with them.

I would never say anything to intentionally hurt you, you know.

You're going to need these.

I got a message from him.

Marla told me to call the police.

We cannot subdue nature.

Bjorne was really tired when he got home.

Who exactly were they?

We need additional talented people.

I would prefer to not leave tonight.

Hitoshi may not be here on time.


There's nothing else left to be done.

We could go out together like we did last year.

Our school's gym is under construction now.

An oni will appear inevitably to those who fear oni.

There isn't anybody in front of the main gate yet.

Jwahar hasn't been to the supermarket in a long time.

I met him on his way home.


I slept a little during lunch break because I was so tired.

What kind of plan is that?

We didn't want to upset him.


We're trying.

Don't you remember her?

I traveled to Italy last summer.

It is true that he is young, but he is very reliable.

The walls were bare.

The plane was late because of the bad weather.

If the only thing that mattered was winning, then we'd be depressed.

Do you want to marry Ricardo or not?

I'm very mindful of that.

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If there's a good way to sound out whether a woman has a boyfriend or not please tell me.

Sir, we need your help please.

What you have to do tomorrow - do today; what you have to eat today - eat tomorrow.

I just wanted to be happy.

This answer may not necessarily be wrong.


Had you been drinking?


I can't get you a reservation just then; is later OK?

We should've stayed home with Byron.

He may be able to come tomorrow.

I had a sharp pain in my chest yesterday.

Sharada isn't allowed in here.

I'm pretty sure Moran is a teacher.

Didn't you like breakfast today?

Must I stay home today?

It's not as if I had read all the books on the shelf.

Why are you working for them?

I'll see you later at home.

Cut it out, Noam.

It is hard for me to chew.

Will you be at home tonight?

What do you think is in this box?

He was standing there with a vacant look.

Leora sacrificed her own life in order to save Elisabeth.

Her skin is as white as snow.

How many tricks have you taught your dog to do?


I wonder if I should tell him the truth.

We'll consult them.

Even though Trang continued to say that she loved him, Spenser couldn't do anything but fear that she would stop caring for him.

I was forced to make a bow.

What's gotten into you anyway?

It is feared that radiation will spread across every region of Japan, starting with Tokyo.

It's been a long time since I've heard Dwight play his baritone sax.


Stand at ease!


Kamiya got his notebook and pen ready.

They eat these things.

We have an incredible North Atlantic salmon.

Brendan was Cathrin's boyfriend all through high school.

The documentary was narrated by Morgan Freeman.


I don't know why it's happening.

The tomcat basked in the sun.

We are apt to watch TV, irrespective of what program is on.

They offered the guests some coffee.

Have you told him?

A hot wind is blowing in from the south.

If anyone has a better suggestion, let's hear it.


Presley objected.

I want to go back there.

"I'm sorry. I can't do that anymore." "Can't do what anymore?"


I've never forgotten you.

Emmett was stabbed in the back.

Why not get a job?


I hate flies.


It isn't worthwhile going there.

She said, "How confident he looks!"

Siping was broke.


This plant has some burnt leaves.


Do you know what that was?

He can do both at the same time.

I have a flight to catch.


New York is the center of the stock exchange in America.

Even now, in the second millennium, many women suffer discrimination in all aspects of life.

I don't care about her anymore.

Ann is a member of the team.

Don't worry about whether or not you get the right answers.


Allen will have to work late every night this week.


She hears English all through the day.


We intend to persist.

Darci put the traveler up for the night.

Who should I vote for?