Jean-Pierre said it was up to us.

This flower spreads its petals at night.

Just this once, I'll make an exception.

Is the post office still open?


He was paralyzed by fear.

Did you bring what I asked?

Her work in school warranted her good grades.

She is the woman to whom I gave the gift.

You should turn money to good use.


Do you have separate accounts or a joint account?

That's nothing more than greenwashing.

Sorrel was in trouble and we let him down.

Whoever committed this crime was surely out of his mind.

He is a hen-pecked husband.


There is every reason to doubt that it is true.


Jean-Christophe has a picklock.

That's not the way to go.

Role Studies are the nuts and bolts of acting.

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Maybe a child would do such a cruel thing?

I could never do anything like that.

I had not realized how important this is to you.

Mysore never wrote back to Emma.

The beggar accosted me for money.

I can't move this bookcase without your help.

There was broken glass on top of the wall.

Clayton has been sentenced.

Please pack these clothes in a suitcase.

Vistlik didn't have to die.

That bank was held up twice.


I can tell I'm going to like you.


He can't make this.

Can I borrow your Ford for tomorrow?

Make an offer.

Do you have a fishing license?

Pinocchio tried his best to get there, but he couldn't.


They're paid to do that.


I didn't hit her.

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What convinced you?


The shopkeeper was tired of chasing his debtors so from then on he demanded payment in full.

So where are you guys going?

I like to use frameworks when I program because they save me time on repetitive tasks.

Raul wanted to drive, but since he was drunk, Sjaak wouldn't let him.

He is a man of great importance.

You don't really expect me to tell you, do you?

I can't even describe how much I've missed home, I've missed it so much.


We can't afford all these books.

Jennifer may have to cancel the picnic.

What brand of shampoo do you use?


Alexis says he's never kissed Nathaniel.

This is the first time I've ever climbed a mountain.

Because it was cold yesterday, I stayed home.

You'll have plenty of opportunity to explain yourself.

She hid the secret from her husband all her life.

Five of them attacked me, but I overcame them all.

Would you please help me carry my suitcases?

What's your favorite sad song?

Lance made more money on that deal than he thought he would.

Douglas could see Jin was about ready to cry.

Stop trying to play me for a fool!

I spent some time in India.

Is Kevyn celebrating?

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We had better do what other people do.

That's likely a new record.

You need time to rest.

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We take a bath every day.

It was my mistake.

She needs time to relax.


Jeffie never mentioned any of this to me before.


I do it because I have to.

While welcoming the firming up of the present government policy to abandon the proposal of the reform bill to the Diet, at the same time some are worried that Prime Minister Koizumi won't clearly state the bill's withdrawal.

He is not eager to unveil his main argument.

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Rich sang in the church choir.

As the days passed by, we began to understand the seriousness of the matter.

I'm happy because you're here.

Sofia was shot through the heart.

We can save on translations by giving it to an employee whose mother speaks that language. -- And I suppose you save on the cost of a doctor by seeing someone whose mother had been a doctor?

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Do you want to marry Sanjib or not?

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I think we should get out of here.

He grafted a pear on the quince.

They'll refund your money if you're not satisfied.

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Dan's older than me.

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Maybe Owen saw something.

No matter what you do, somebody won't like it.

Seenu used to do that better than he does now.

French is his mother language.

I came here yesterday.

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It doesn't happen often enough these days.

He's left-handed.

The garden is separated from the road by a fence.


It took me several days to balance the company books.

It's my stomach that's bothering me.

Mr. John's older than I thought.

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When she woke next morning, very early, it was still dark.

Linley moved forward a little.

Everything smells so delicious.


In biology, the students learn the difference between the genotype and the phenotype.


Since the Creator had made the facts of the after-life inaccessible to man, He must not have required that man understand death in order to live fruitfully.

How can you contribute to our organisation?

How are you today, my brother?

Obviously he speaks English, but he can even speak Spanish.

I think you must be mistaken.


Anyone who says so is a liar.

Johnnie had to stand in line at the ticket office for over three hours.

He is doing his work.

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The cat eats.

Ginny never gave Juan your message.

We had a blast.

We've already eliminated half the possibilities.

Where did you tell Hienz to put his suitcases?

I couldn't stand.

The drain is clogged again.

Juan became calm.

This game is spectacular!

I trust absolutely no one.

Don't recommend a bald guy to buy a comb.


Dan didn't even join the club.

Did the mail come today?

What time do you leave?


I remember last night perfectly.

We won't go for a walk if the weather's bad.

I do not like music.


I don't think my father is willing to lend us the car.

I like drinking cold water.

Ram was the manager before me.

A cup of coffee cleared up my headache.

Had she been alive, my mother would have given me a hand then.

I've just renewed my passport, so it's good for another ten years.

Things couldn't be going better.

Not from the stars do I my judgment pluck.

I love him more deeply than any other man.


It is a joke.


Dan crossed the border to Mexico but was immediately arrested by the local police.

If only I were a doctor.

Seeing a human face in a cloud is an example of pareidolia.

He has great ability as an artist.

At that time the snow plow was certainly our hero.


They don't want to advance in years.

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They want to meet you.

It looks like Hiroyuki is sleepy.

You'll probably be late for work if you don't hurry.

The whole country talks about it.

Devon is a math nerd.


Novo did poorly on the test.

We deal with this kind of thing all the time.

There's still plenty of room for improvement in dictionaries.


Her questions show that she understands the subject very well.

Things are coming together.

It might rain in the afternoon.

I like your village.

Occupying powers never consider an insurgency's cause to be valid.

No one will obey you now.

Why do we have to do it?


What an unfailing barrier against vice, immorality and bad habits are those tastes which lead us to embellish a home, to which at all times and in all places we turn with delight, as being the object and the scene of our fondest cares, labours and enjoyments; whose humble roof, whose shady porch, whose verdant lawn and smiling flowers all breathe forth to us, in true, earnest tones, a domestic feeling that at once purifies the heart and binds us more closely to our fellow beings.

Alex wears long sleeves when working in the garden.

There is no need to talk about it.


Let's make sure nothing is wasted.

The prices of raw materials such as oil or coal continue to rise.

Manny lives somewhere around here.

Is it really so valuable?

I'm cross-eyed.