He gave his coat a brush.

An adventurous sort, Lester downed the whole bottle of habu sake in one show-stopping chug. Only the snake was left, securing Lester as an Okinawan national treasure.

I'm kind of mad at myself.

What happens next?

Why don't we cancel the party?

You can't give up on him.

Give me your weapons.

Fortune smiled on him.

His study of optics led him to the invention of the magnifying glass.

Honestly, Alexis, I can't remember. It was more than 10 years ago.

I prefer listening to the radio to watching television.

I guess I'm really in trouble now.

The archer killed the deer.

This is the kind of music that Markus likes to listen to.

Have you ever seen a pier?

The storm blew up.

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Hsi gets mean when he's drunk.

Why can't you be more like me?

Everything's going to get better.


Stop leaving your clothes on the floor.

The other figures in the painting are depicted with slight foreshortening.

It is no wonder that she didn't want to go.

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She sells seashells at the seashore.

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Believe me when I say that that's the last thing you should be worried about.

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Watch out. There are rattlesnakes and scorpions.


I want to speak to Mr. Sato, please.

We had hardly reached there when it began to rain.

He wishes he had gone to the theater last night.


Lewis wants a new coat.

I buy what we need for the trip and the gifts for the children.

Bunk beds are a way to save space.


Mark has my book.

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You told Sanjay you wanted to go with us, didn't you?


I visit my parents every Sunday without fail.

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I'm not one of your soldiers.

He went so far as to say such a rude thing.

I have been to Canada.

Is it cold in Germany?

Nothing is as useful as a photocopier.


I was horrible about how I handled everything.

I'll be able to afford a week's vacation this summer.

Erick brushed her hair and put it in a ponytail.

Selfish means devoid of consideration for the selfishness of others.

I don't know if I'll be able to eat lunch with you tomorrow.

On many occasions I don't agree with him.

Woody pointed down at his shoes.

No one's going to make us leave.

You came when I was thirty.


Illness prevented Jim from attending the meeting.

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Becky seemed satisfied with Toft's answer.

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There was a spring indeed, but it was dry.


Do I have to do it right now?


Treasure every encounter with others because you never know if you'll meet a person just once in your lifetime.

Giles is extinguishing the fire.

Air traffic controller is an extremely high pressure job.

I hope Herman does better next time.

Do you think you can fix that?

The boat can still be seen.

I don't need any, thanks.

The wet shirt will soon dry up.

He cannot stop us.


Torsten joined the navy after finishing college.

In a democracy, it is important for journalism to be independent.

It is a ragbag of ideas.


I'm getting tired of this.


I can't believe you just made this.

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Are you already drunk?

I've been running.

Why are you down here?

America is beautiful.

Many members dropped out of the club when the dues were raised.


I'll help Dominick.

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Tell me where to find her.


Vicky walked out of the courtroom, surrounded by reporters.


I cannot bask in the sun. It's too hot now.

In praise of God , may He be exalted.

The mother fell into deep thought.

Was that a guess?

I don't like any of the babysitters we've interviewed so far.

"Whose camels are these?" "They are Musa's."

What do UFOs believe in?

I'll have to be innovative.

Entertainment on his planet meant doing multidimensional higher mathematics.

Have you told her this?

He's brighter than they are.

My mother never liked me.

She realized her ambition to become a great scientist.

Do you have identification?

This is a bag of her own making.

What ugly hair.

I used to love Becky.

She relied on the medicine as a last resort.

We will set up a notice in front of the machine for safety's sake.

There were many cars on the street.

He really likes English.


It could be a huge opportunity.


Hi Jones, and welcome to Tatoeba!

He will be delighted to see you.

I thought you weren't going to tell anyone.


Jinchao was teased because he looked different from the other children.


Stacy stuck up for me.


The term ends next week.


The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is an explosion of colors.

You'll just have to trust me.

Shall we have a snowball fight?

I've already spoken with Theo.

I want you to go to the post office.

Is there a discount for children?

Does this car belong to you?!


That shouldn't be hard for you.

Do you know how to dive?

Dawson rented an apartment near his mother's.

Can you bring Guido back?

Saqib drowned in the river.


What was it like when you were young?

I feel the same.

You're wasting water.


I put on my socks in a jiffy.

Our class has just finished.

This medicine will help you.


While walking down a street, he ran into an old friend of his.


This happened purely by accident.

The crowd is cheering.

We're puzzled.


Will you tell me how to sing this song?


She returned his kiss.

The answer misses the point.

The police will get you to find the bullets.

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I find that frankfurters have much more taste than wieners.

I told you he was a coward.

Sehyo told me he was planning to move to Boston.

I thought you might know how to speak French.

I had no idea you were planning on going to Boston.

Do you know a good motel not far from here?

Benjamin shouldn't be here.

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I feel really bad about this.


I'll give you a present.

Vicki pulled out his notebook and pencil.

It's 7:30 now-I must fly.

Quakers believe that all people are equal.

Butter is sold by the pound in the USA.

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His anger was born of frustration.

The champion of Eredivisie will be Ajax.

You arrived there before them.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm buying Raman a birthday present.

His English is really good.

I assume it's not good.

My older sister swims very fast.

Yes, he's almost as tall as I am.

They found the room empty.

Somebody caught me by the arm.

Klaudia has a touch of the flu.

Laurie's family lives in Brisbane.

Have a great weekend!

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These are common diseases of children.


That purchase was a good bargain.