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Use cases

Сrypto-trading funds can create projects and issue tokens that reflect the crypto assets under management on crypto exchanges, with token prices updated as per P/L in real time.

Charity foundations can raise funds for their projects. Users can make donations to any charity funds listed on AIVIA, and can track the money flow of their charity funds on the blockchain.

Privately held companies can issue equity tokens to attract investors in compliance with local laws of different jurisdictions.

Real estate owners have the ability to tokenize asset ownership in compliance with complex legal, tax, and contractual requirements

Our Team
Executive team
Colin Breeze
CEO & Co-founder
Colin BreezeColin is an attorney, investor and blockchain specialist with two decades of experience in startup advisory, fund formation, and alternative assets investing. Colin has worked with dozens of startups and investment sponsors and has taken a leading role in the development and implementation of alternative investment vehicles organized both in the US and offshore. In addition, he has advised private and public companies and alternative asset funds in all aspects of their organization: capital raising, reporting, investor relations, transactions, intellectual property protection, governance and transparency. Colin’s specializations cover all areas of corporate, securities and partnership transactions, including the formation and financing of companies, public offerings, debt transactions, corporate governance and investor-side financings. His experience spans the entire business life-cycle, including strategic decisions and coaching prior to company or fund formation, business development, growth stage financing, initial public offerings and mergers and acquisitions. He remains an active member of the bar associations in California and New York; he speaks Russian and German fluently.
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Andrew Vorobyovski
President & Co-Founder
Andrew VorobyovskiAndrew studied Business Administration at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He started his career in the USA as an automobile sales and leasing professional. In 2004, shifted to real estate operations and investing and became a licensed real estate professional in the State of Arizona. In 2010 Andrey created the base of over 14 000 customers in the Russian Federation and other Soviet Union breakaway countries and helped to establish a presence of a US-based company that is now the most successful seller of travel memberships in the world. In 2017, Andrey and his business partners Anatol Ostrowski and Viktor Pulyaev launched AIVIA project. Andrew speaks four languages, which helps to accommodate the business needs of our foreign partners.
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(401) 594-9493
Anatol Ostrowski
CTO & Co-founder
Anatol OstrowskiAnatol has accomplished 20+ major IT-Projects (Web Apps, Mobile Apps, API Integrations, Big Data, High-load Systems). He has developed fast scalable architectures and brings a wealth of leadership in building and managing highly dedicated teams to serve outsourcing and out-staffing demands. He has a strong sense of clean user interfaces and produces products with excellent user experiences. He is deeply involved in R&D processes with an expert’s technical understanding. Developed Software for Worldventures, LLC to expand to Eastern Europe with more than 14 000 clients. Graduated from Technical College Dusseldorf for Computer Software Engineering with a degree in IT Software Development
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Viktor Pulyaev
CBDO CIS & Co-Founder
Viktor PulyaevViktor is a serial entrepreneur. In 2007 he was the founding COO of Golden Bridge Company, LLC, which focused on importing industrial and manufacturing machinery and equipment from China. The same year, Viktor started investing and trading on financial markets world-wide. In 2010 he co-founded and became COO of InWeb24, Inc., a company specializing in development of online marketing tools. In 2015 Viktor founded and became COO of iO Coders, LLC, a software outsourcing company specializing in cross-platform solutions, software outsourcing and out-staffing services. Viktor has also been involved in marketing and promoting industrial projects. His most successful (so far) endeavor was promoting and marketing a plant for production aluminum composite panels in the Russian Federation. In 2017, Viktor and his business partners Anatol Ostrowski and Andrew Vorobyovski launched AIVIA project.
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Marcey Brightwell
Chief PR Officer
Marcey BrightwellMarcey is specializing in public relations, media relations, public policy, community engagement and crisis communications. Covered Governors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gray Davis, the California State Legislature, presidential campaigns, statewide political campaigns and ballot measures.
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Kyle Lowe
Kyle LoweKyle is experienced network marketing executive with a passion for creating viable businesses from the ground up. Leading authority on network marketing international expansion with a critical working knowledge of direct sales issues in more than 100 developed and developing countries across the globe.
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Gregory Kalashnikov
Gregory KalashnikovEntrepreneur, coach, trader, crypto enthusiast. Developer of architectural solutions in complex information systems. Data security specialist, ex co-founder of WebSecure Group. Ex Сommunity & Content Manager. Blockchain expert, author of articles and concepts about blockchain industry.
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(212) 794-4112
Norman Chou
Norman ChouNorman is a blockchain enthusiast and believes that blockchain will impact society in the most positive ways. Norman brings over 20 years of experience from the IT industry in Silicon Valley developing business partnerships globally. Norman has several engineering accreditations along with his Bachelors of Science degree in Business specializing in Marketing and Organizational Communications/PR.
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Viv Anand
VP of Sales
Viv AnandViv is a big believer in Blockchain technology and expects it to fundamentally change the way we live. He has a wealth of diverse work experiences including in corporate America (GE & McKinsey) and technology sales (Datalink, Nimble Storage & HPE).
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Ahsan B. Ali
VP of BD
Ahsan B. AliAhsan is a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast with 20+ years of Sales & Engineering experience in high-tech industry. He has a proven track-record in creating innovative strategies to sell products and services to Fortune 500 companies and carrying 100 million plus sales quotas. Ahsan is a thought leader in building and advising startups in Silicon Valley and APAC. An entrepreneur with a passion to make a difference and solve problems, Ahsan is an expert in architecting engineering solutions. He’s an expert in leading technology trends.
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Alan David
Director of Finance
Alan DavidAlan specializes in tax and accounting for startups and growth-stage companies and he brings over 40 years experience to the Company. He has extensive experience in conducting Certified Financial Statement Audits as well as Reviewed Statements for large corporations as well as large non-profits.
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David Greenberg
Director of BD
David GreenbergDavid has been successfully working as a business development executive in the IT industry for over 20 years. He focuses on a solution based sales methodology, both from a technical and consultative approach based on years of experience in Silicon Valley.
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R&D team
Dmitriy Shmalko
Fullstack, blockchain Developer
Sergei Pish
Back End Developer
Denis Stovba
Front-End Developer
Valeriya Kruglova
Front-End Developer
Julia Pelihanova
Senior Project Manager
Nikita Pryhodko
Technical Analyst
Maria Ostrowskaya
UI/UX Designer
Alex Dobrushkin
Business Strategist
Vladyslava Kostenko
Business Assistant
Tatyana Marusina
HR Manager
John Cioe
John CioeFounder/CEO - INOV8 Sports, John is a seasoned entrepreneur launching technology startups, creating fundraising platforms and years of real estate development experience including public private partnerships.
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Brian Kusmer
Brian KusmerBrian Kusmer is a Real Estate Business Professional in 20 years responsible for hundreds of million in transactions volume. He is in the top 1% of business performer in the world
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Monika Proffitt
Monika ProffittMonika Proffitt is a professional speaker, author, and serial entrepreneur working at the nexus of blockchain and social impact. She is a speaker at conferences and events throughout the US, Europe and Asia on topics ranging from the future of money, sustainability in business, blockchain for social good, and the value of cultural capital.
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Andre (Yunsoo) Kim
Andre (Yunsoo) KimHe is the founder of first generation of Crypto Currency miner, when mining is not well known in South Korea. After that he founded 'BLOCKCHAIN i' (which is accelerating Crypto Fund & ICO projects) He is currently accelerating INSUREUM (by Zikto voted as Top 20 Start-up company from Forbes Magazine and Temco ( First Korean Supply Chain Blockchain Project ). His goal in 2018 is dedicating himself to be a bridge in between Korean Blockchain technology to international and international Blockchain technology to South Korea.
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Mauro Andriotto
Mauro AndriottoMauro is a professor of Corporate Finance and Enterprise Risk Management at Bocconi University, University of Pisa and University of Genève – UBIS. He is an independent expert at the European Commission for Horizon 2020 where he approves public grants up to €2,5 mln for innovative and disruptive European projects. He is also the quantitative leader at EY for the South Europe area. He is the founder of Andriotto Financial Services a financial boutique located in Switzerland specialized in fundraising strategies and the founder and managing partner of ICO Advisors. He is a member of Advisory Boards around the world.
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Alexander Uglov
Alexander UglovBlockchain-evangelist, visionary. Has experience of staging ICOs in several projects (SONM, Humaniq, etc). Co-founder of Blockchain Association in Russia.
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Idea creation, proof of concept. Start of development. Whitepaper published.
R&D of Atomic Transactions,R&D of Autonomous Deployment of the templates for financial projects, PoC of extended ERC Standard for issuing of equity or assets tokens.
Transaction Permission Layer, Development of Decentralized Registries for Auditors, Supported Crypto Currencies, Tokens, Projects, Investors Whitelist and Custodians.
Ethereum Parser, Javascript Wrapper for interaction with AIVIA Protocol, Development of beta version in Testnet and initial testing. Signing MOUs for pilot investment funds with existing partners.
First PoC of Auditing Oracles Network, Launch of beta in Testnet, Refactoring of AIVIA protocol for open standard + SDK.
Web version of Trading Terminal, Trading Funnel API, Custodian Management Layer.
Support of Multiple Trading Accounts, Server Side Bots, optimized thru Backtests.
Launch of Beta in Mainnet (Hedge Fund-DLT Templates with multi-exchange trading termina)l, Chart Analysis Tools.
Development of Auditing Oracles Network and 0x DEX Relayer. Support Ticket system for fund managers and investors. Listing of AIV on Exchanges.

AIVIA has won a prestigious Digital Summit Award in the category Best Finance Management Platform. AIVIA has been ranked against outstanding development teams and products, among them products created by well-established banks.

AIVIA Team thanks everyone who voted for our platform - we do this for you.