How Social Media Revived The Muppets

The Muppets are back! On Nov. 23, Walt Disney Pictures is bringing its next live-action Muppet film, aptly-named The Muppets, to movie theatres across the country.


The film release is the culmination of a multi-pronged marketing campaign that has embraced the social and digital spheres, and in the process, helped reinvigorate the Muppet brand.

It’s rare to see such solid execution on so many digital and social channels and for that reason, we wanted to take a deeper look at the various aspects of Disney’s and The Muppets Studios’ efforts.

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World’s Fastest-Growing Facebook App Will Scare the Crap Out of You

I became forever terrified upon discovering “Take This Lollipop,” an interactive video that launched two weeks before Halloween, yet still continues to haunt millions on the Internet. After giving the application permission to access my information (something my generation often doesn’t think twice about), a blue lollipop appears on the screen with a razor in the middle. Slightly concerned, but mostly intrigued, I click the piece of candy.

Take This Lollipop

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4 Excellent Examples of Creative Google+ Business Pages

When Google+ launched, companies were at a loss trying to find a way to utilize the new social network for business. But with this week’s launch of Google+ business pages (including HubSpot’s own Google+ page!), we’ve seen some early adopters start experimenting with the possibilities and limitations of the new feature. Some just dipped their toes in the water; others dove in headfirst. Let’s take a look at a few of the companies that are already getting creative with Google+ business pages.


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FireShepherd Out to Tame Firesheep Wi-Fi Hackers

By Matt Liebowitz, SecurityNewsDaily Staff Writer

A new program called FireShepherd may finally put the Firesheep hacking tool out to pasture.

FireShepherd is a recently-released program designed to combat Firesheep, the Firefox broswer add-on that grants a hacker unimpeded access to 26 highly-trafficked sites such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter, on computers running on public Wi-Fi networks.

FireShepherd is configured to jam “the nearby wireless network with packets designed to turn off FireSheep,” wrote the program’s creator, Gunnar Atli Sigurdsson, an electrical engineering student at the University of Iceland. FireShepherd runs every “.5 sec or so,” disseminating a string of junk characters that scramble and obfuscate the Wi-Fi signal hackers need to effectively run Firesheep.

Get the6463760228.

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Firesheep Plugin and Wifi Security

Firesheep is a Firefox plug-in that makes it really EASY for the average person to hack into your accounts. Paul Colligan examines Wireless/Wifi Security, the introduction of the free program “Firesheep’ and what you can do to protect yourself from malicious attackers.

Are you doing anything about Firesheep and Wifi security?

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