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Being Creative is all about “ To be brave enough to live your life creatively“. Enjoy life to the fullest, yet giving it a meaning by learning, sharing ideas in creative manners.  As it is well said that creativity never decreases with  uses but instead increases. This space is for those people who have daily frustrating work load and want to relieve their stress through creativity. It is all about inner voice and choice without restriction which can also help society mental health issue due to work stress.Come and become the part of this creative world and share your creative thoughts and ideas. So speak out speak loud and become a Creativian.

Creativian people are full of life, energy, positivity, creativity, humbleness, charm and list goes on….

These qualities makes them enjoy each and every moment of life to the fullest. They try to see and feel positivity in everything surrounding them. There never giving up personality and always looking up for an oppertunity from whatever scope they have makes them go getter. Creative people fills there surrounding atmosphere with positive energy. These positive vibes makes other individuals feel positive and optimistic. A positive surroundings makes every individual think that failure is a stepping stone to success and nothing is called a failure until and unless you accept your defeat.

We know that this world is challenging and is very competitive. People facing such a tough scenario most of the times give up to those who give negative comment or feedback. They forget that they are born alone and they will die alone, So they should believe within themselves and don’t compare themselves with other. Every individual have their own life and way of living. Their surroundings, environment and situations are different. Nobody can understand exactly others situation because they are not in others shoe.

That’s why Being Creative was made to make each and every individual to join in hand and share their unique and creative idea with others and release frustration and stress in funny yet creative manner. Come on Creativians, join this group and spread the creativeness within you.


Creatively thought