Somebody will have to stand watch.

Enjoy your meal.

Did you do anything?

I got a letter from an old friend yesterday.

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I don't mind standing.

Speak of the devil, and he appears.

He reminds me of his father when he speaks.


What other explanation can there be?


Let's start a band.

They don't want it.

He wants to pay off his loan.

What kind of talk is this?!

The soldiers battled on horses.

I have a puzzle to solve.

There were no more blankets.

He knows ten times as many English words as me.

I have a pain in my chest.

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So, what is it you want me to say?

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A man with a gun urged him into the car.

It's a beautiful painting.

I would never lend Nancy any money.

I am no more excited than you are.

I know Floria is thirteen years old.

You're both awfully quiet.

The photographs are the only proof we have.

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There's something I don't get.

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Mr Nakajima can, as well as English, speak fluent German.

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Nobody told me what time I should come.


Don't change sentences that are correct. You can, instead, submit natural-sounding alternative translations.

Do you think you can fix this?

First of all, power off your cellphones and remain silent.

I knew it was wrong, but I did it anyway.

But few people ponder over the fact that copying English words, terms and phrases causes irreversible mental changes.

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It was just a happy accident.

What do you aim to be?

Your eyes might be better than mine.


His poems are hard to understand.


Who else knows about this place?

Rusty is extremely mean.

Check out those legs.

I don't remember ever seeing Srikanth carrying a red bag.

He said he knew the famous actress, which was a lie.

I just want to have a good time.

This machine has a lot of switches and buttons.

Nancy looks a fool but she's really very clever.

"Oh, boy..." Al-Sayib sighed. "Well, how much do you need? I've got about 10 grand just sitting in my offshore account."

They stood idle, instead of putting their shoulder to the wheel.

She's an important American.

Of course, I feel guilty.

That guy really burns me up.


I thought you'd already left.

George took up the problem of racialism.

It is too late to watch a film.

Hugh started the car and drove off.

Have you spoken to Jiri about this?

You are not authorized to enter there.

The rainy season has started.


The Sphinx howled with rage.

Does anybody here know where Pravin lives?

He is living with his friend for the time being.

America's consumer slump will hit those around it as well.

Jimmy sold Jeannette's necklace for a very low price.

Actually, it was only a rumor.

I have some things for him.

The nail tore his jacket.

I'll go to school.

What did Nou's house look like?

Do whatever it is that he tells you to do.


It's dinnertime.

He has transferred all his knowledge to his son.

Get messed up with them and never mind shivs they're probably packing heat.


Root doesn't have a good memory.

Around his facts the scientist weaves a logical pattern or theory which gives the facts meaning, order, and significance.

I think you should tell Rakhal.


I escaped from the fire with nothing but the clothes on my back.

It is said that this hot water brings a balance between body and mind.

Where were these pictures taken?


Many people around the world celebrate the Chinese New Year.

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What are you sorry about?


Butterflies can communicate using ultraviolet signals.

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Volleyball is a lot of fun.

The track club was the only place where I could be myself.

Gee, it sure is boring around here!

I feel sympathy for people with that disease.

There's no reason to worry.

My teacher told me that I should have spent more time preparing my speech.

It wasn't supposed to happen.

If you are up for it, let's go!

The bomb was defused just minutes before it would have exploded.

Can someone call me a cab?

I would have at least asked you for the name, but my father's presence has been an impediment.

I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about.

How many states does India have?

I can't say that didn't hurt.

Is he still interested?


I learned to drive a car and got a driver's license when I was eighteen.

If only we had a child!

The police officer's partner was shot.

From now on, let's keep in touch.

Tricia felt his heart beating faster.

Whom did he have in mind?

It is not only the quantity of atoms, but the quantity of worlds that is infinite in the universe.


Einstein decided to study math and physics so he could become a teacher.

Do you understand what he's saying?

The soldier worries about spears.

She blames me for the fact that our married life isn't going well.

She just wants to be left alone.


I don't do things like that.

Bobbie said he wasn't happy here.

I hope you will be able to come to this party.


Adam is gambling again.

It is rainy

The boy in question did not come to school today.


Kieran promised to come home early tonight.

The tumor is malignant.

Jordan wanted revenge.

I bought a new hard drive.

Olof likes to make paper airplanes.

Can you please correct my translation?

Conceive. That is the word that means both the beginning in imagination and the end in creation.


A lot of my classmates think that I'm dumb.

Take a bath and then go to bed.

French is not the only language that I learn.

I'm living with my mom now.

Caterpillars transform into butterflies while they're in a cocoon.

Are you certain it was an accident?

I don't know whether he is dead or alive.

Kamel has been saying good things about you.

I have some things I need to tell you.


After a sudden pause in the conversation she unexpectedly said goodbye.

She let out a cry of joy. She wanted to jump at the doll wrapped in the packaging.

Stop thief!

He is a good match for me in tennis.

Tammy had a lot of problems at the school.

A man is as many times as much so as the number of languages he has learned.

I don't know the reason why he will not go on to college.

He can't stick to anything very long.

Doug likes painting pictures.

I went to a public high school.

Sarah is moody at times.

Andreas didn't sleep.

He can move quietly and quickly.


We were taught that Newton discovered the law of gravity.

I'm no longer afraid of her.

In the summer, I wear cotton shirts.

Forgive me for interrupting the other day.

I know I'm not a likable guy.

This overcoat has lasted me three years.

Eva is on the honor roll.

We wish to speak to you.

What do you say to going to the concert?


Medicines must have a bitter taste, or else they won't help.

I want some ice cream.

The activities of the volunteer group covered half a century.


We haven't had those kinds of problems yet.

Where do dreams come from?

Do you want me to stay?

You ought to know better than to do such a thing.

You aren't even trying.

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Orly, Sunday. Parents take their children there to watch the departing planes.

It's naive of you to believe that.

Marla made it clear that he didn't want to see Conrad.

Rafael stayed in the water.

He is proud of not having consulted a doctor.

Everyone. Listen up.

Amanda felt happy when she learned the results of the election.

They didn't stop working though they were tired.

I'll deal with that tomorrow.