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Who We Are
ASTA (is the American Society of Travel Agents) is the world's largest association of travel professionals with over 20,000 members which includes Individuals, Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, and the companies whose products they sell such as tours, flights, cruises, hotels, car rentals, etc. We are leading advocates for travel agents, in the travel industry and with the travelling public.
ASTA UK Chapter is an extension of ASTA International in The United Kingdom. Companies that apply for the membership of ASTA, automatically become the members of their respective chapters. There are many chapters WORLDWIDE. Each person or company is scrutinised by ASTA prior to being granted membership with a view to maintaining a quality professional membership.
In recent years our Chapter has grown and we continue to educate our members through various activities including FAM trips, educational seminars, road shows in the US and participation in trade shows and exhibitions.
   * Increase customer satisfaction and awareness of ASTA International by working on common interests shared by this industry throughout the world.
   * Our wide knowledge and partnerships throughout the world of like minded professionals ensures our clients have great experiences and these in turn create great business opportunities that our success brings along with it.
   * Education of our members in the various segments of the travel market in the US and throughout the world allows opportunities to explore and expand in the segments in which they wish to specialise.
   * Educating our Travel Agents in the US on the UK and the incredible potential in different segments of our market provides unique opportunities for our clients.
   * Customers benefit from our seminars to which we invite specialists as guest speakers.
   * Maintaining a continuous line of communication with newsletters, destination and product updates and circulating this amongst ASTA members, ensure buyers have the latest or current data on which they can make their decisions.
   * Keep ASTA UK members updated on the happenings in the US Geopolitical, economic scenario and the American travel market in general.
   * By organising FAM Trips for ASTA International agents to The UK, and visa- versa we ensure knowledge and experience are first hand.
   * ASTA Membership benefit from regular meetings and communications to exchange views and education through guest speakers.

For more details, please get in touch with the ASTA UK Chapter Office at or call +44 131 467 7000.
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