Create Your Tokens, Create Your Future

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln


The phenomenal rise of Bitcoin, the first crypto asset, from nothing to nearly US$20,000 in December 2017, and the colossal investment in blockchain, the underlying technology, imply only one thing :

Blockchain is the future.

If blockchain is the future and the future is blockchain ,
What is blockchain and why should you care ?
How do you make sense of this new space and dimension ?
More importantly, how do you participate and be part of the new future ?


We believe the current euphoria and speculative play is a rehash of the same play book that caused the dot com bubble.

Who is on the other side of your trade ?

Why chase after coins ?

the new future

At TRAOVIS, we envision a future based on an economy powered by blockchains. Today, the race and investment into blockchain development by entrepreneurs, businesses, financial institutions and governments have never been greater.

If blockchain is the backbone of the new economy, tokens will be the blood.

personal tokens - your future

We see a place for personal tokens and the tremendous opportunities they offer in the new economy.

When blockchains are powering the new economy, will you be ready with your tokens?

Join the traovis community

The Traovis community is the culmination of 57 investors working together to re-shape their investment. In the process, we discovered a new exciting space, blockchain, which we believe is the Future. We are passionate about blockchain. We are investing our resources to develop strategies to make blockchain work for us.

Our mission is to build a community ready for the future.

We focus on building eco-systems and opportunities on what blockchain can deliver. This is one area that is intriguing investors and we see a way for us to fill the gap. We are excited to simplify blockchain for everyone through our software, education and community. TRAOVIS is the collective work of investors, for investors.

what we do


Based on your specifications, we create your digital tokens in a public blockchain.
Want more tokens, just instruct us !


We increase the value of your digital tokens by maintaining them and building useful applications that utilizes your digital tokens.


We will advise you to list your tokens on an independent  marketplace.
Watch the law of supply and demand work for you!

about traovis

The Traovis community is represented and supported by Traovis Consulting Limited, a commercial entity formed and managed by a few key members in consultations with active members of the community, who are astute investors or professionals in their own field. Traovis Consulting Limited positions itself as a consulting and advisory entity with a mission to simplify and make blockchain works for our members.

lawrence a. wong

Lawrence is the husband of a social worker, father of two children, an entrepreuneur, an investor and a private fund manager before he founded the TRAOVIS community.

As an entrepreneur for the last ten years, Lawrence has a deep understanding of investment and investors. He has been intensively involved in the entire cycle of investment, from structuring of real estate investment opportunities to marketing and managing investors relationships. His portfolio includes a broad network of investors with investments between $5,000 to $5M. 

Lawrence began his career as an electronics engineer in the defence industry. He progressed to the Information Technology industry with a major technology group in various operational roles including a technical leadership capacity in a dot com startup before he ventured out as an independent consultant who took on regional IT projects in the Asia Pacific. 

The pinnacle of his professional career is his participation in a state-level project in accrediting supply chain companies in the region. He gained a good understanding in the business and technical aspects of supply chain management of the various industries which provided the foundations for him to conceptualize and develop the TRAOVIS platform.

marcus kok

Marcus is an astute investor, actively managing his growing private diversified portfolio of investments and a business in medical supplies which he is a major shareholder.

Professionally, he is an experienced finance veteran who was appointed as the Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of a Singapore-listed company, a regional high-tech and precision equipment manufacturer with an annual turnover close to US$650M under his stewardship, for more than 10 years until 2004.

Subsequent to that, he founded his own management consultancy company which provided investment and corporate advisory services to medium and large enterprises in the region. His accomplishments include successful listings of several companies on the local stock exchange, reverse take-overs as well as participation in fund-raising exercises of listed companies.

He travels extensively in the region to keep abreast of business climate and corporate developments as well as in search of investment opportunities.

Create Your Future

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