What kind of films do you prefer?

Can you drive a car with manual transmission?

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I met nobody on my way home.


She speaks quickly.

I want to clean the house before my parents come.

She is a woman of noble birth.

Maybe you'd better go get Alain.

I don't want to waste time on this problem.


Why is it so important?

Teriann was very nice to me.

A sentence can state something false while at the same time be grammatically correct.

Tell Jill I'll call back.

Do you want to be a flower girl?

What did you cook for dinner?

He is a lieutenant.

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A spacesuit is much more than a set of clothes astronauts wear on spacewalks. A fully equipped spacesuit is really a one-person spacecraft.


I didn't see the explosion. I just felt it.

Carelessness often results in accidents.

I knew something was going to happen.

Eritrea is called "Erta" in Tigrinya.

How much longer will you stay in Boston?

I think she hates me.

When I went to buy a can of coffee from the vending machine, it came out with a clunk.

Sure I can, although I can't really speak Shanghainese.

Can you get that medicine over the counter or do you need a prescription?

That'll never do.

I guess that'll be OK.

We had some fun.

What are the banking hours?

Perhaps you should see a doctor.

How did the audition go?

Alain is almost as pretty as you.

We became friends.

Just looking at a lemon makes one feel the sourness in one's mouth.

We were told to stay on the ship.


He went out for a walk with his dog.


The human tendency to regard little things as important has produced very many great things.

The rings around Saturn are made up of dust and ice.

Go on, sit down.


Someone needs to take the bin out.

I'm not going to tell him that.

She disappeared two days ago.

I want your feedback.

Hey, I wasn't finished with that.

It is no use studying when you are sleepy.

The rocks are weathered into fantastic forms.


Donald has a theory.

I've seen this movie at least three times already.

Only on paper has humanity yet achieved glory, beauty, truth, knowledge, virtue, and abiding love.

You don't need to stand up.

He landed a big trout.


He was suspected of underground action.

She advised him to drink more milk.

You're doctors.

You couldn't sleep either, huh?

Please get out of here.

You're expected to be here before 2:30.

We'll go by bus unless Elena wants to take a taxi


He had heard some other stories.

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I need the work.


What is a planetary year?


We're not going to let Sofoklis die.

Lenora persuaded Frederick to go back to Boston with him.

I have just returned from Britain.


They're going to blame Jurevis for this.

Did Raif talk about it?

How's everyone at the Hong Kong office?

That's Carl.

I'll be the one who has to tell Lewis, not you.

We cannot let them infiltrate our network.

I need to talk to you about this.

Lloyd and Carter didn't go to the dance together.

I'd like a second opinion.

You were simply tired.

Count on it.

I had pizza for lunch, so I don't want pizza for dinner.

Tigger and Pradeep announced the dissolution of their marriage.

Laura and his wife both enjoy playing chess.

I always wear a watch so I know what time it is.

The couple paid a lot of money for their furniture.

It's impossible.

Become yourself the person you were born to be.

Doug is better than I am.

How did you lose it?

What I'm saying is true.

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She was across in ten minutes.

What're your thoughts?

Your only duty is to save your dreams.

But words are words; I never yet did hear. That the bruised heart was pierced through the ear.

"K" was originally not included in the Portuguese alphabet; neither were "W" and "Y".

Herman lives just a few blocks away from here.

Kevin tried to talk Elias out of leaving.

I know our team won't win.

I forgot to turn off the TV before going to bed.


He played a major part in the movement.

Thanks. Could I return it to you instead?

Gypsy doesn't do that anymore.

How do I know that Howard is the one for me?

Take out a matchbox and a needle and thread.


I suggest that you don't say anything about this to Torsten.

I wasn't looking for anything.

This hat is too big for you.


We may need some help.

He is used to eating in a rush.

I got laughed at at school today.

Was there something wrong with the car?

Could you help us find a solution to the problem?

I think it's not a good idea.

I want to be sure Ole is guilty.


How I long for a sight of my native land!

He invited me to a party.

I shouldn't have gotten involved.

I don't have anywhere to sleep tonight.

I'm from Zambia.

It wasn't always like this.

Andy had a black scarf around her neck.

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I suppose I can ask her.

There is no relation between characters appearing, organisations and places to those that really exist.

Miles just drank the last cup of coffee. We'll have to make another pot.


You used to have a crush on me, didn't you?

Is there an ATM nearby?

I am going to lay down for a minute.

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If what Mickey told me is true, then we have nothing to worry about.

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Your car has a broken taillight.

Ahmet was out of town yesterday.

I've made lunch reservations.

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Arlene's speech quieted the crowd.


I've got more.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

There are many factors behind the quarrel between them.


Is Miss Smith an English teacher?

Who are Vance's friends?

We should give Randall a chance to finish the report.

There are no reasons for our imagination.

Briggs told him.

I don't think I could spend six hours alone with you.

One of the detectives seized him by the neck.

The baby seemed to be sleeping a sound sleep.

Spyros seems to be anxious to get going.

Young people have new ideas very often.

They attacked the enemy.

I thought you cared about him.

There'll be standing room only.

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It would be best if you stopped smoking.

I have a permit for this gun.

What time should we be ready?


I want all my children to go to college.

Have you tried this cake? It's to die for.

"Just close your eyes," whispered Jayesh, and when Craig closed her eyes, he kissed her softly on the lips.

Sir and I are married to each other.

James sat very still.

I need a knife to cut watermelons.

Rod doesn't want to hear anything William has to say.


Cliff is a spy.

I live next to him.

We've discussed this many times already.

I need an extra blanket.

We chaired the meeting democratically.


Art denied that he had done what he was accused of doing.

We can't leave them behind.

We're doing all we can to make sure it doesn't happen again.


A niece is a daughter of one's brother or sister.

The motorman slowed down the train.

What's your favorite cartoon?

Has Geoffrey been fired yet?

I made the salad. Did you like it?


My motto is: Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.