He escaped from prison thirty years ago and has been on the lam ever since.

You have lovely eyes, don't you?

You come back here.

Japan is a strange country.

I thought you went to the game.

We had to drive on narrow roads through hilly terrain.

I bought several audiotapes of folk songs.


Jaime had nowhere to go.

Kris's car was parked in front of the convenience store.

For some reason, her husband seemed to dislike that she spoke of me. In truth, she talked too much about me.


You made her blush.

I think this is mine.

I miss my old job.

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I wasn't good enough.

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Many a man has failed.


Chinese firms have embarked on a quest to conquer the world market.


Tell him to wait in the lobby.

Juergen doesn't have any sisters.

Hopefully, no one will be disappointed.


The vise is closing again.

The Seattle-based outfit plays indie rock and electronic music.

Konstantinos will make it.

We know it's difficult, but please don't translate literally.

I hope it is an old picture or a very beautiful photomontage.

Vernon seems to agree.

After my graduation, I'd like to go to Shanghai, in order to study China's history.


You cheated me once, but you will never catch me again.

Human beings usually have two basic desires: to get away from pain and to arrive at pleasure.

Byron is extremely careless.

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It was a small wedding.

Hopefully they don't delay my flight like the others.

Bonnie ran back to the bunker.

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In the end, the Germans were forced to withdraw.


I don't really like him, in fact, I hate him.


His honesty is beyond doubt.

Is she nice?

Any political party is conservative in itself.

It was my error, not Deborah's.

Milo wanted to do something to help.


Jill marshaled his courage and talked to Kyung.

As if you actually wrote this book!

I just want to check on something.


I've got kids.

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Everyone has a life.

He knows us very well.

If he carries on like this, he's going to wind up in prison.

I thought Bradley wouldn't know the answers.

I want to age gracefully.

There's something for you on the table.

Give me one second, would you?

I'm glad that your team won the game.

Can you remember when you first met Louise?


We should sort the students' names alphabetically.

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I haven't really told you anything you shouldn't have already known.

I had taken a loathing to my gentleman at first sight.

I'm afraid of speaking in public.

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I'm going out to get some fresh air.

I'll stake my job on it.

Do you want to meet tomorrow?

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Those who possess a good sense of humour are special people.


That's a crime.

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Never count on victory until you've crossed the finish line.


We did a lot of singing and dancing at the party.

Are you a criminal?

Kirk said he appreciated that.

Zainab is very fat. She eats five meals a day. Zainab's weight is 100 kg.

Technically he is still a student.


We must cancel our trip to Japan.

She is one of the kindest people I know.

Christian read the entire book in three hours.

I'm the fastest reader you've ever seen! I'll be finished with this book in no time flat!

How much is that over there?

Twelve people have walked on the moon.

Gerard doesn't want you to share this information with anyone.

Lance didn't get in the car.

Stu hoped he'd have time to eat before he had to leave.


Several yachts were sailing side by side far out at sea.

Linda's friends tried to cheer him up.

After cutting habanero peppers, be careful not to rub your eyes.


I'll cooperate.

We're not bluffing.

Jianyun is probably buying a bus ticket right now.


She wrote me a love letter in Esperanto.


We're on our way.


Collin is a nutter.


I'll keep that if you don't mind.

There's a rumor that the President will resign.

Lyndon Johnson took over presidency when John Kennedy was assassinated.

How are we going to pay for all this?

He's coming back for you and me.


If you paint it yellow, you'll kill two birds with one stone: it'll stand out, and you'll save money because you can use paint you already have.

It covers everything from the fundamentals of microbiology to the latest news.

She is not pretty, to be sure, but she is very clever.

Arlene picked up his toolbox and went home.

Because of the heavy snow, the railroad traffic has been interrupted.

She's been staying with me since she was acquitted.

As well as this, the horse is also representative of human talent.

If John had come, I wouldn't have had to.

I'm really rich, I assure you that.


You really mean a lot to me.

The event starts at 8pm.

You want me to do what?

I hate Loukas, to tell you the truth.

Would you please give Elias a message?

Hello, my dear, I made two pictures in photoshop and I want your opinion on them.

We don't know what's happening.


Is Lojban ambiguous? Depends what you mean by ambiguous.

Doyle could explain that.

He often adopts the behaviours and speech patterns that characterise the advantaged.

We're going to the beach. Would you like to go with us?

He does little else than read books.

Do you know what you are missing?

I'm opening the door.

I need to be alone for a while.

It's a picture of Lisa and her long-haired boyfriend.


Why are you being so secretive?

The bread is in the oven.

I remonstrated with him about his treatment of his children.


Let me sleep on it.

There is nothing we can do to bring him back.

She came down to breakfast at eight.


I think Jones really doesn't know the answer.

They started walking.

Please take my name off the list.

You're leaving? Go then, because I don't give a shit.

Shortly after they had gone to bed they were suddenly alarmed by a fearful crash in the hall.

Do you and Dewey stay in touch?

Nigel plugged in the vacuum cleaner and started vacuuming the room.


It would be better if you read more books.

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Mayuko was very tired.

George has a good reason for not telling Hugh what she wants to know.

Rich went into the building.

Let her carry it.

I'm not sure I can contact Jackye.

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She is anxious about her father's health.

Almost one-third of all office workers wear glasses.

I'm sorry I bothered you.

This costs more than that.

Everybody is great.


"I have a boyfriend." "Since when?"

Perhaps it will rain tomorrow.

I'm in love. His name is Pascal.


Tell me you were adopted.

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I hope they find Giles.

I can't remember exactly where Earnie lives.

I had my secretary run off ten copies.

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It'll take me at least three hours to do my homework tonight.

Brett was absent from school because he was sick.

By the time you get back, I'll be gone.

Rooms are black.

The cruise for M.I.T. alumni was called "A Ship of Tools."


Why would you want me?

I would be grateful for any help you could give me.

I haven't seen her recently.

We were attacked from behind.

Are the tip and service charge included?