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At NATSB, our mission is to be the ultimate source of services to hire and retain superior employees for our clients. With our team of experts adhering to industry standards, we use robust products to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

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Increase both the productivity and accuracy of your reports by automatically populating information from your applicant's SSN.

Background Checks


Fast, accurate and comprehensive including county criminal search, multijurisdictional search and 50-state sex offender search.

reference checks

Reference Checks

Including employment verifications and education verifications. We also check professional licenses and certifications.

Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR)

motor vehicle reports

Information from driving record including speeding, other moving violations, chargeable accidents, DUI’s, etc.

Credit Reports

credit report history

Finding information about an individuals credit can be helpful in the hiring process especially in certain industries.

Workers Compensation Searches

workers compensation search

Searching for information about an individuals workers comp claims is a must in certain industries.

drug testing assessments

Offer the latest in innovation providing ecup screening and offering drug-free workplace programs for many different industries.

Hire and replicate your best employees by assessments. Learn about your employees behaviors and how they will perform.

Our Electronic I-9 is 100% automated and will not let you make mistakes. Always stay compliant with automatic purge feature.

Drug Testing


Electronic I-9

electronic i-9

We are a designated agent for E-Verify®.

Let us handle your checks and do

away with the hassle.

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On-line Training Courses

e-verify on-line training courses
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At NATSB, we strive to be the ultimate source of services to hire and retain superior employees for our clients. Our core values focus on integrity, people first, our clients, and innovation.

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