Integrating Cuckoo with ESXi 6

Cuckoo is an open-source malware analysis tool which utilizes sandbox technology. It allows you to break down malicious programs in not only isolated, but also controlled environment while giving the ability to gather artefacts to document your findings. Generally, most Cuckoo installation guides are written for VirtualBox. However, there is also a way to utilize ESX driver … 5794326721

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Too many tools to work with Not enough integrated approach – tools available have no capability to share intelligence. The industry needs an open standard. Not enough intelligence – each tool works in isolation and often overlapping SIEM attempts to fix the problem with correlation – but without data exchange as raised in point #2 … [Read more…]


I finally got my hands on Microsoft Surface Tablet yesterday. I had to wait for six days for it to arrive in Melbourne from the US. It was the longest wait I ever had to endure in a long time. I am never the one for over-excitement but I have been excited about Surface since … [Read more…]


In few hours, I will be attending Ruxcon 2012 security conference in Melbourne, Australia. What is Ruxcon? Ruxcon is the equivalent of Blackhat that brings computer security experts together from Australia and Pacific region. It is taking place on Oct 20th and Oct 21st right at the heart of Melbourne. I am very excited about … [Read more…]