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Vettexas is an electronic magazine and an online forum covering items of interest to Corvette enthusiasts across the Lone Star State. From Vettes and Jets in Corpus to the Big Bend Open Road Race across West Texas to the Polk Street Cruise in Amarillo. If it’s a Corvette event in Texas, we’ll talk about what’s happening and what happened.

For Corvette people, by Corvette people - We’ll also talk to the people who make the Corvette an American icon – the designers, engineers, racers and the showmen. You’ll meet restorers and waxers, the mod and dyno junkies and those addicted to horsepower, high speed and handling. We’ll have Tech Tips, ideas for mods and resto projects. And each month we’ll spotlight one or two of the best Vettes in Texas and look in on some local Corvette clubs.

More than a magazine- Vettexas is much more than a magazine – it’s also a community. An interactive online forum where you can talk about the people places and events, post in our sale sections, or find your next Corvette with one of our Supporting Dealers. Vettexas is your place for all things Corvette in Texas.

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In the November issue-

Lou Gigiotti - Texas best vette racer moves to ALMS GT2.

Jeff Gordon gives away his Z06 - And $75 grand!

The Houston Fall Show - Meet the Barney Brigade.

All this, TechTips from Cajundude, the Mod of the Month and More!