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8 Popular Types of Home Loans

Which home loan is right for you? Searching for your dream home in Australia? If yes, chances are you are also looking for the right mortgage product to finance your home!     Yes, most homebuyers cannot purchase a home without borrowing some money from the banks. But banks are not charitable institutions and charge… Read More>>

Top Mortgage Features You Must Look for

Top Mortgage Features You Must Look for When seeking a mortgage, homebuyers are usually on the lookout for a low interest rate, low fees, and flexible repayment terms. However, that’s not enough, say experts! “Finding the right mortgage could be tricky,” explains Nick, a mortgage broker. “There are several new lenders in the market offering… Read More>>

Why should you refinance your home loan?

In the competitive mortgage landscape of today, if you are paying anything more than three point something per cent on your home loan, you are possibly throwing away your hard-earned money at the banks, which you could have used otherwise. Yet, many Australian homeowners avoid refinancing their home loans – considering the process to be… Read More>>

How to avoid a monster mortgage

How to avoid a monster mortgage: Only buy what you can afford Buying a house is one of the most significant investments you are going to make, emotionally and financially. And, despite the recent fall in property prices, a home in any of the Australian capital cities does not come cheap. According to the latest… Read More>>

Home loan lenders - Do You Really Know Who Your Real Lender Is?

How the big four are holding sway over the mortgage market through non-branded subsidiaries Currently, nearly 60 percent of residential home loans in Australia are now introduced by mortgage brokers who are known to offer convenience and choice to home borrowers in addition to transparent advice on choosing the right home loan product for their… 6307171597

What homebuyers must know about the RBA cash rate

How does the RBA cash rate impact homeowners According to a recently-published report by Deloitte Access Economics, “Less than half (40%) of Australians meet the basic threshold for financial literacy and capability.” The report also found that a large number of Australians do not understand the relevance of RBA’s cash rate, and, its impact on… Read More>>

low rate conveyancing

Conveyancing. Conveyancer. Words that all first home buyers would have come by. After all, it is a legal requirement prior to settling on your home. But… how many people truly understand the role of a conveyancer, and their value when it comes to getting you into your new home? According to the Australian Institute of… Read More>>

home loans without a deposit

This campaign is now closed due to significant demand. We will add the link back here once the campaign is open again. Apologies for the inconvenience. Like many people living metropolises around the world the idea of buying a home can be off putting. Well, not the home itself but the 20% deposit that comes… 913-327-8302

Switching Home Loan Lenders

Have you checked how your mortgage interest rate stacks up against the current market average of 3.70 per cent per annum? According to Steven, a HashChing mortgage broker, “It is good to do a health check on your mortgage from time to time.” In fact, most experts would agree with Steven that homeowners must revisit… Read More>>


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