There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don't.

Is it true that Gale can't read or write?

They could make themselves understood in English.

Everyone has to obey the constitution.

I teach mathematics and physics.

Len grows tomatoes in his garden.

He estimated the loss at five million yen.

That's how I feel.

I don't have a sword.

What would you suggest that I do?


Jerrie is a very sensible person.

Ginny is an amazing filmmaker.

Can I have a moment with them?

Our plan will work out well.

Our family doesn't celebrate Christmas.

She is ignoring you.

Debi might not like it if we didn't come to his party.


There's no bad weather, there's bad clothing.

Mike found her.

Under present circumstances, I don't intend to return to my country.

Can I see you a moment in my office?

Tell me if it isn't so.

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Lorien doesn't remember the first time he met Cathryn.

He has quite a few records.

Kimberly didn't realize that Kieran was lying.


The matter is of great importance to me.


What was it that Sir said?

That's quite enough.

The fruit went bad.

We were in London last winter.

Bruno isn't even here.


Don't let me down.

The contract provides for a deferred payment over three years.

Len began attending AA meetings regularly.

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I talked to Ralf yesterday.


Do you sell a lot of these?

We met in college.

I have a lot of work I have to do.


I can't hide my feelings for you.


Be careful not to confuse sympathy for empathy.

Just be quiet.

Stan isn't very active.

Bill shouted that he was all right.

The world seen through the lace curtain was dark.


Lana never talks about his childhood.

Using the taps is worth it and releasing the vents is not.

My father is leaving for the United States next Thursday.

On a clear day, we can see Mt. Fuji from here.

This girl's eyes are blue.

Let your smile be your umbrella.

You'd make her the happiest woman on earth if you did that.

The question is where to buy the book.

He doesn't give a fig about money.

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He doesn't eat anything except fruit.

I have to put the baby to bed.

What got into you?


We know Howard did it.

Are you worried about Anita?

It's like an oven in here.

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There is no antidote for the venom of this snake.

It took me three years to write this book.

The baby was quiet all night.

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I can buy what I need at a store near my house.


Randolph spoke impolitely.

I want you to open your eyes.

The train was crowded with high school students.

I think I'll go visit Morgan and see how he's doing.

I'm Azeri.

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I don't care whether you're busy. Help me.


Michelle has decided not to go to college.

Your train is on track number three.

You said you needed me to sign something.

I thought Rakhal had been notified.

I've never liked her.

Doctor Smith has many patients.

Clearly, something has gone wrong.


We have often traveled to Tokyo.


You've got to apologize to them.

I got my license this summer.

Something here isn't making sense.


You and I usually share one opinion.

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Naoto isn't supposed to come here.

He was nice to me.

After you.

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I shouldn't have to do all this work by myself.

Do you like anchovies?

Only the tip of an iceberg shows above the water.

We tried our best to find the missing persons.

They were punished for their crimes.

I checked into a motel and went right to sleep.

Kuldip, please stop being stupid.

Seen from a distance, the rock looked like an old castle.

But I never had you.

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You had better see a doctor at once.

His latest musical pieces are just variants of his earlier work.

The factory now under construction will assemble 3,000 VCR units per day.

I intend to use it.

I want to make friends with Nancy.

You should get your hair cut.

How are things with you and Kelvin?

Are you sure that is one of mine?

The capital was bombed again and again.


Thank you for helping me cross the street.


I sure hope I don't catch a cold.

Stacey certainly is good at making snap decisions.

He put out his hand to me for a handshake.

I will go to Tokyo tomorrow.

The people all praised the emperor's clothes without telling him the truth so as not to seem stupid, until a little boy said, "The emperor is naked!"

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It's for a friend of mine.

Arnold asked Arne what she thought of John.

Carl ate the sandwich.

Do however you like.

Poverty often engenders crime.

I hate you both.

I've filled a glass.


Kitty and John were in the army together.


You have to do that just right.


Doesn't he know I'm going out with Van?


Are you sure we've never met before?

What should I do?

I am just a humble teacher.

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Would you know a cheap hotel in the near?

I have to go tell him.

I like what I've seen so far.


That's the best movie I've seen in ages.

We have come to pay you a visit.

My neighbor is a penny-pinching old miser who won't even give you the time of day.


A couple of years ago, this book was exposed as a fraud.

He psyched himself up for the race.

Ironically, that old grammar rule that says "never end a sentence with a preposition" does just that!


Tammy seemed relieved to see me.


You shouldn't let him get away with cheating.

I must warn them.

I'll finish answering your questions later today.

Rodger was Susumu's only friend when she was in kindergarten.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair.

That company aims to reduce employee numbers by arranging a lot of retirement money for voluntary redundancies.

Tell me what you are looking forward to.


Are you sure we can trust them?


We have to stop him.

Rich is trying to scare you.

He was accompanied by his wife at the dinner party.

This is not entirely Emmett's fault.

Mother is setting dinner ready.

It took only a 1000 yen to convince him.

Many young Japanese travel overseas these days.


All Daniele left was a note.

She has a ring worth more than she can imagine.

To do him justice, he is not a selfish man.

Supposing you could travel, where would you go first?

She went to mass every day.

Brooke is now almost as tall as his father is.

I'm not a horror film buff, but I do enjoy a good horror film.

He offered me some orange jam.

I followed my lessons diligently.

Do you think anyone was here while we were out?

Don't lean against the doors.

I'm going jogging tomorrow.

Everyone has a signed contract.

This must be the wrong place.

She is overly competitive.