I accommodated my plan to those new circumstances.

I called my boss in Boston and he said I could stay in Chicago for another week.


I don't care about it at all.


Sridhar won't come to our party.

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The influence of covariates on the primary outcome variable was explored using logistic regression.


Fast forward to the part where they're kissing.

The negotiation has entered upon a new phase.

Jin arrived later than usual.

Determinate tomato cultivars stop growing at a certain height.

Keep the paper in the inside pocket.

If he had not worked hard, he would have failed the examination.

Smoked herring is called buckling.

Twitter is better and more secure than Facebook.

I can't change who I am.

In spite of the heavy traffic, we arrived on time.

"You have the attention span of a chicken." "Chickens are delicious." "My point exactly."


We'll live like kings.

Things are starting to take shape.

Loyd brushed his teeth.

Archie is in the garage changing his oil.

I have to tell Mosur about it.


I politely corrected her.

It becomes hell and heaven even if the hearts who see the same worl mistake.

Whether the problem is important or unimportant, you must solve it.


The murderer is now on trial.

Let me get my wallet.

The moon, an old woman with no ears.

I wasn't supposed to tell you that.

I plan to break up with her.

You lost time.

I told Robert that he should call Paola.

Donovan was so loaded with work that he would forget to eat.

I think about you all the time.

Look, I don't want to lose my job.

The jealousy is starting to darken Malcolm's mind.

Let's see what Hank has to say about Glynn's plan.

Although the arguments were rational, he was not convinced.


It is much safer to be feared than loved.

He put up with the greatest hardship that no one could imagine.

We still haven't found what we're looking for.

Gusty winds are making travel hazardous for high profile vehicles.

Raghu is out walking the dog.

Did you really think I didn't know?

He suggested that the meeting be put off till Monday.

All we need is water.

Please fax me the application form.

His latest works are on display at the city hall. They are fabulous beyond description.

Jong thought Spass seemed really busy.

What happened to Petr? I haven't seen him recently.

Students who want to major in physics ought to have a sufficient knowledge of mathematics.

I returned from work to find the house empty.

That's not what we're going to talk about.

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I love the old country.

I am fortunate compared with him.

His face was twisted with pain.

This is irregular.

It makes me curious.

I pulled the trigger.

We can't just cut people's salaries without giving them some warning.


Hurry up, Dean, I'm freezing.

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Human beings are powerless before nature.

Howard walked in the door at just the right time.

Everyone's looking at him.


Did you phone Vincenzo?

Nothing is so pleasant as going on a picnic on a fine day.

Come with me, please.


The future diplomat to France carved his name and the name of his beloved (a Japanese cartoon character) into the bark of a tree.

Nikolai hates carrots.

Call me when Judith gets home.

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She may be in danger.

He expressed regret over the affair.

Dani's prison sentence was suspended.


I didn't drink the water.

This is where Barney works.

It's in your interest to go.


I thought it might be worth something.


You'll ask him, won't you?

What's the difference between science and pseudo-science?

The best thing to do was to not talk any more about those events.

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Nanda doesn't know whether to believe Ralf or not.

I suppose it's time to go.

My mouth forms a lot of saliva.

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He was delighted to see you.

Don't bring on any more shame.

Already, or not yet?

It is worthwhile reading classical works of literature.

I don't like my neighbors.


I haven't got it.


I'm running out of closet space.

Do you want a drink of water?

Shall I call for you in the morning?

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I don't know how to cook.

I tend to agree with Clifford.

Why don't you get some sleep?


I honestly don't know.

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Japan is an island country.

Carter avoids Srinivas whenever possible.

She stopped appearing in public after her accident.

Brandi left the house without saying goodbye.

Haven't you thought of consulting a psychologist?

I gave her a tiny musical box.

You are off the point.

She has big lips.

Give the glasses a good boil.

There are 40 pupils in this class.

Some do think so.

The telephone is essential to modern life.

The squirrel ate out of her hand.


Mount Ontake erupted in Japan.

Please excuse me for coming late.

Do you think you can live on a dollar a day in America?

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They tried to fire him, but he did not get the hint.


I am listening to his recital.

Panacea agreed that it might happen.

Even Pablo said something.

There's definitely something wrong.

Lex looks sympathetic.

During the night, everything looks different.

He is always true to his friends.

I have a twitch in my right eye.

Who do you think will know the answer?

What should I see?

Listening to a Portuguese conversation is an unreal experience. A completely opaque string of phonemes, occasionally punctuated by a crystal-clear "Sim, senhor."


Rogue told us to be quiet.

This is a difficult mission.

Now you've gone too far.


Would you like something larger?

Hirotoshi will come after me.

He explained about the accident.


Nigel seemed very sure of himself.


They may need some money.


Everyone thinks I'm a mystery.

It fits on a single floppy disk.

Who destroyed the garden?


Is she a friend?

Thierry is an American citizen.

We learned why the French Revolution broke out.


We planted peanuts instead of cotton.

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Won't you give me a little money?

I wrote his name down for fear I should forget it.

Marie had a cat.

I think I have a virus on my computer.

Whenever you are sad, start to sing. You will realize that your voice is worse than your problems.

I've decided to make something for us to eat.

I want to buy something for Maurice.

This is a picture of my family.

I look forward to seeing you on my next trip to your city.

Then in Paris, the founders convoked a committee of scientists from various countries. Three or four (Couturat, Ostwald, Jespersen, Baudouin de Courtenay) attended in person.

You should be a writer.

I wish I'd been here to help Metin.

Benjamin couldn't find his passport.

Did we wake you up?

Take that one there.

This is an old unit.

Eli and I can't change our schedules.

I just need you to trust me, OK?

That's a crazy idea.

The cookies were delicious.

Winnie was too tired to even smile at Dwayne.

We don't work for Ernest anymore.

I started to cry, too.

Once this process is started, we can get the result within one hour.

The good always overcome the evil. . . in stories.


Lynne must have seen Archie when he visited Boston.