Mott says that he has a secret weapon.

What a piece of folly!

Well, the shirt is very cute.

I rent a car from my friend.

Root was afraid that he wouldn't get to school on time.

It's going to stay that way.

Creationism is a pseudo-science.

For this project I see myself as becoming a Japan and Europe go-between.

You can't just lie to Vladimir.

We planted peanuts instead of cotton.

We will wait for you there.

This is our place.

Don't show this to them.

This pear smells nice.


Those grapes look sweet, but in fact they're sour.

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Who's been keeping count?

Television helps us widen our knowledge.

I was afraid it would not work out well and sure enough it failed.

The current year is 2011.

Jeff won't stop until he gets what he wants.

The child heard it like in a dream.

It's not a coincidence.

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Olson contributed vocals to Lawrence's debut album.


Scream a bit quieter!

Excuse me, could we have some more bread?

I left home later than usual, but fortunately I was in time for the train.

He fell asleep while reading a book.

Do you want to drink?


The river runs through the town.


His hesitation made me doubt.

Darren asked if Francisco was home.

Maria has long hair.

I don't know how to say it.

I like sashimi.

Are you clear about what you have to do?

Who'll start?

I know you don't know her.

Heidi promised he wouldn't tell Harry.

There is no excuse for the way Jinny acted at the party.

I'm sure Marnix will be able to help.

Let's go get a drink.

Don't you want to stay here with us?

I kind of miss Grace.

Morgan accused Olson of stealing his money.

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The prancing chestnut mare whinnied as she tried to get rid of the rider.


He threw in the towel.

I'm afraid to be alone at night.

Lord can't take on any more work.

Sridhar shouldn't have told Elijah what John did.

I want to speak to them alone.

I have a wart on the nose.

You've told me that a hundred times.

I didn't say a thing.

Try thai style Jerusalem artichokes.

I'm older than your brother.

Shawn said that he couldn't swim well.


Mikey usually wins arguments.

Are you sure we can trust Nhan?

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

What Oliver says is quite true.

You should all continue until you finish your course of study.


My favorite music is pop music.

What do you have to say for yourselves?

Tokyo is a huge city.


Are you here on business?

Did Clara really get into Harvard?

I think I'll get back to work.

Maybe the question's not how but why.

Hard work has brought him success.

I have arrived here safe and sound this morning.

They say there's a Picasso and three Renoirs in that museum.

I'm afraid we're wasting our time.

When traveling, it is easy to get lost.

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We have great hopes for you.

The girl caught a small fish.

They were flushed with success.


Who gave you these?

Every day in your life you're lonely.

You'll never know how much this means to me.

He left the motor running.

The girl that came yesterday was a stranger to me.

Taft had become very conservative.

Do you want to buy a house in Germany?

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Be polite, but firm.

Don't go to such a place at night.

I can't look at him.

Sigurd knows how you feel.

He cared for the baby.

I'm sure Raul understands this.

I love him, but he is gay.

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Are you saying that Pieter is a bad teacher?


The young woman, supported by Gunter, remained a few moments without talking, looking at the island that was disappearing on the horizon.

Elaine hasn't been to Australia.

Tanya used to work in Australia.


Why is there always so much drama around you?

They're creepy.

The enemy is approaching rapidly.

You can't pretend it didn't happen.

Phil bought way too many onions.

Ronni wants to talk.

Have you got used to living in the dorm?

The Islamic economic system hasn't been put into practice in Islamic boarding schools up to now.

The only question is where.


In order to visit our country, foreigners will from now on need a special visa.

Let's not talk about Jitendra tonight.

How many shopping bags do you have?


What's Miles's computer literacy like?

We baked these cookies for them.

I can't find the waistcoat of my three piece suit.

Harold is in the back yard.

But what is it that I am? A thing that thinks. But what is a thing that thinks?

He is well advanced in life.

Jussi got distracted.

Steroids sound like an easier solution.

One of them is a spy.

May I go to the nurse?

Sorrel could hardly make himself understood.


Reid saw one once.

I'm going to have to call you right back.

This zipper doesn't zip smoothly.


No sooner had I entered the room than I noticed the smell not only of tobacco but of gas.

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It's hard for me to decide where to go tonight.

I'll go to Boston by bus.

I hope you are safe.

A man called on you last night.

I played tennis with my brother.

Give me a chance.

It is nice and cool here.

It's 18:15.

He sells cars.

We are cooing like pigeons.

Ramiro was cheering for Plastic.

Don't tell Sharan I told you.

Piete was unable to escape.

Daniel is too late.

She wants to wait until marriage.

I think Sandip will like this.

I have to translate the sentences.

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You had better make a reservation in advance.

Whoever wants to learn to ride a horse must first learn to mount and unmount correctly.

I only wish I could return the favor.

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School is boring.

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We live near the beach.

Enclosed is our company profile.

Do you still think I'm good-looking?

Seen close-up, things have a way of showing their defects, their innate ugliness.

A banking scandal is sweeping across Capitol Hill.


We'll attend.

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Israel won't be there, will he?

We should work in a manner that is compliant with the company's rules and regulations.

When are you leaving?

The accident happened because of the driver's negligence.

Roxana found that very hard to accept.

Among the things found were umbrellas, shoes, and handkerchiefs.

He's nuttier than a fruitcake.

Everett left just as I came in.

He met his end in a rusty bear trap.

I really like her.

We parted, never to see each other again.

He is twice as old as I.

It's too expensive!

Trent felt like he was in over his head.

I don't think you really want to call attention to that.

The business owner wants to maximize profit.

Lukas doesn't see it that way.

Lisa's room needs to be cleaned.

He writes the Chinese characters very well.

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Wayne is a year older than me.

Suresh hardly ever studies after 10:00 p.m.

I don't think I really have a problem.

Additionally, the tale starting with "Genji's Story" was also much loved.

He has been the chief of his tribe for 35 years.