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Financial Inclusion

When properly harnessed, microfinance offers a variety of benefits to people. Foremost, microfinance initiatives can effectively address material poverty, the physical deprivation of goods, services, and the income to attain them.

When properly guided, the material benefits of microfinancing can extend beyond the household and into the community. Mkopo Kaka offers our clients an opportunity to become financially independent through our trust model.

Features Of The Mkopo Kaka Loan Platform

Check your Loan Status and Unlock Larger loans

Log in at any time and check your loan status, loan repayment schedule and other important loan related information. When you repay your loan you can apply for another loan and start to unlock larger amounts.

Identity Validation

We want you to be part of our safe lending community. Thats why it's so important we verify your personal information. We store this information safely in our data warehouse and do not share it with third parties.

Loan Approvals Within 48 Hours!

Our dedicated team promise to be back to you within 48 hours of receiving your application. We will communicate with you every step of the way. When you receive a loan approval you will be notified. We disburse money directly to you mobile wallet.


Our rates are transparent. You pay 15% on money you drawdown, there are no hidden fees. Please see sample loan below.

Total Loan: 240 KES
Repayment 1: 69 KES
Repayment 2: 69 KES
Repayment 3: 69 KES
Repayment 4: 69 KES
Total Interest: 36 KES

About Our Company

Mkopo Kaka has spent over a decade building mobile software based. We are from NYC but we are expanding rapidily around Africa. We are a for-profit socially conscious organisation and we are experts in using mobile technology to bring new innotive fintech products to emerging markets. Mobile Technology is our friend.

Mkopo Kaka will be rolling out a number of digital financial products over the next year - all available on your mobile device. As you grow financially independent we'll be in your pocket every step of the journey.