Track calls and get ad preformance from anywhere anytime.
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Call Tracking

Measure your online and offline ad campaign with real-time call tracking.

Call Recording

Improve your customer satisfaction and your teams performance. Track and record phone calls as they come in.

Cloud IVR

Use Telexio’s user-friendly tappall to route and greet calls. Build your own custom phone system in the cloud.

SMS Messaging

Send and respond with Telexio’s SMS capabilities. Get one low rate for your SMS messages and receive eight-ply.

Ad Performance

Assign tracking numbers to campaigns and know where call are coming from as soon as they come with 925-487-8543.

Flexible Billing

With Telexio, you pay as you go. There is no Contract!
Cancel or purchase numbers when you need them and set your own recharge limits.

After working with Telexio for a few week,s we could not imagine how we got along without call tracking all these years. All of our advertising is summed up nicely ni one report that we can view from anywhere.

Allen Martin

We use Telexio to track are online campaigns. We would be absolutely lost without it. Telexio allows us to get a look at what every campaign is actually bringing in, saving thousands in wasted clicks.

Tom Turgeman

Call Tracking Number

Know where your calls are coming from every time. Use Telexio to track your online and offline campaigns.
Track any ad source: Google PPC, organic visitor, social networks, yellow pages, print and even TV ads.
Telexio provides a full solution for any business or ad agency that need to view their call metrics in a clear and modern way.

Call tracking reporting
Custom Phone IVR System

Cloud Based Call Center

Route and direct your calls with our call flow builder. You can set greetings, smart routing, call recording, menus and forward by schedule.
Every time a call comes in at will go through the steps of the flow one by one and appear in your call reports under that flow.

Real Time Results

Know your results in real time. Telexio lets you view instant reports by flows, numbers and calls as soon as they come in. You can search for calls and listen to recording from any device. Telexio’s custom notifications can SMS or Email you for missed calls or by any other custom option.

Call tracking analytics

Get Phone Number

In Telexio you can get local and toll-free numbers in seconds. Simply click, choose your area code and walla! The number is yours and you can start taking calls!

Track Calls

Assign your numbers to a call flow. Each call flow marks a different ad campaign that you use. You can create smart flows with greetings, menus and whisper messages that announce the advertising source.

Get Results

You can view your results in real-time from anywhere and track your conversions. Your marketing team can now see whats working and whats wasting money.