It takes us a long time to master a foreign language.

I had a premonition that I would never see Srivatsan again.

You worry too much about what other people think.

Use of deadly force has been authorized.


That's a problem difficult to solve.

I'm not familiar with the boy.

I really liked Hsi's design.

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Thanks a lot, teacher!

They were angry about several things.

What's your favorite non-Google search engine?

Respect yourself.

I've got to get them to help.

The parsec is equal to about 3.3 light-years.

I can hear the chirping of insects.

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I don't know where everyone is.

It looked like an eggcup suitable for a goose egg.

Could you show me what you're serving?

Does that tell you something?

Are you staying, Luc?


Murph closed his eyes and listened to the music.


Don't be lazy!


You will get the right to choose.

Kate may well complain of her husband.

Susan might have said more, but Leo interrupted him.

Man is a sun and his senses are his planets.

Some people caught rats and ate them.

He lived to a ripe old age.

It rains a lot in June in Japan.

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Such an idea is abhorrent to her.

I knew Mah would be thirsty.

Try to stay out of sight.


I think we have enough money.

I've always wanted to live in a place like this.

He twisted his ankle.

We expect to arrive at Heathrow Airport at eight.

Even Glenn looked surprised.

Metin is a really nice person.

I have three times more money than you do.

She would cook it in her own way.

The price of rice rose by more than three percent.

I apologize for what I said.

There's something you do not know about Merat.


I'll sell the jewelry to customers.

The voyage lasted 14 months.

You are in a narrow rocky shaft. There is some light shining from far above. Below you is the cave you started in. What do you do now?

It was you that were wrong.

Jim is liked by all his classmates.


Pamela has to go on a diet.


She could feel her knees shaking.

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Monica watched the plane disappear into the distance.

Everyone is still smiling.

Nici is a civilian.

Russ and Lum are more or less the same weight.

You should think about your retirement.

The first thing to do is just to get a nice outfit for it.

To do him justice, he is right in his opinion.


Jackson is Joachim's mother's maiden name.

What's kept you?

What makes you think I wouldn't enjoy that?

May I have a word with you in private?

My house is far away.

I'd so love to visit that apartment he always keeps telling me about.

He likes to run.

She could not but worry about her daughter.

What type of movies make you cry?

Call me when you can.

He did his duty.

Gordon was very sick last week.

I'm going to the most expensive hotel I can find.

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Dan agreed to talk to Detective Matt Brown at the station.

The fire is dying down.

You don't look busy.


There's more than one way to skin a cat.

Laurianne eats the same food day in and day out.

I think Leo moved to Boston.

Roman will be at tonight's party.

We don't know why.

I have steak, eggs, hash browns, toast, and coffee.

Do you understand Mrs. Kunze?

Naoto took out his earplugs.

He is trying to sing.

It's the first time I miss Taninna so much!

Tricia told me to get out.

Adam is a very sweet guy.

Ramesh liked Kristin's new dress.

I hate the taste of my saliva after eating chocolate.

The mere sight of a dog frightens him.

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They're very enthusiastic.

You put too many carrots in the stew.

I love my parents.

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Who could ask for anything more?

How are the children?

I think it's time for me to turn on the radio.

This book is an historical novel.

I don't know what your situation is.


I have no friend to talk with.

I called him to the telephone.

They stayed at the hotel for a week.


According to Claudia, Leads is wild in bed.


Mah is a good liar.

Do you ever think about death?

Graham Greene is one of my favorite authors.

Cecilia went to school to learn how to tune pianos.

How was class?

Carolyn and Izzy survived.

Nathaniel can't go to Boston next week.


They didn't ruin their clothing.

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The girl cherishes a doll given by her aunt.

Where are the lions and tigers?

What's the boarding time?


My father's brother's wife is my aunt.

They met in Algeria and they met again in France.

Stu isn't bossy.

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I really like this wine a lot.

They must not smoke.

I will have finished this task by next Friday.


Informed of their safety, the premier breathed a sigh of relief.

You can't count on anyone to help you with this.

Elliott pushed the button.

I've still got a lot of work to do.

Mr. Jackson is my favorite teacher.

We can't stop Carter.

Let's be safe.

Fewer workers meant fewer people with money to buy goods.

How did you manage to do this?


Can I talk to Mike?

Thank you, sir, for your kindness.

Terrance, why don't you help your brother?

Did Jacques come here?

If there's anything I can do to help, let me know.

The tea is scalding hot.

You're a very special person to me.


Is it meant to snow tonight?


Jorge is so boring.


How is the word pronounced?

I knew I'd seen it someplace before.

I only ask out of curiosity.

A little kindness goes a long way.

This book hasn't received the attention it deserves.

You have to be outside something, able to experience it from a distance, before it makes sense.

"Is Doyle your boyfriend?" "It's complicated."

You cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs.

Make way for the children, please.

Loyd has won three races in a row.

Swahili is written using the Roman writing system.

He works in a cannery.

I don't get up as early as Ilya.

Could you excuse us for a moment?

Don't forget to tell Chuck.


We have given Edgar Degas a voice that we hope suits him.

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Do you need a visa for Australia if you have a British passport?

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Where can Theo have gone?

I think country life is superior to city life in some respects.

The meeting, in short, was a waste of time.

Do you think you can catch up with me?

You know what to do.

Moran tried to convince Ritalynne to put on sexy lingerie.

Jonathan didn't suffer.

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Phiroze bought this for me in Boston.

Run for president.

Kimmo says he likes living by himself.

Have you ever climbed Mt. Yari?

People were against Mother Teresa at first, but she never gave up.

I didn't know you were a doctor.

He is busy doing something.

What's your favorite color of hair?

Why have you delayed seeing the dentist?