Warranty Expiration Tracking Made Simple

Never worry about expiring warranties ever again. Get reminders before losing your product protection

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Step 1: Upload Receipt

Just upload your receipt as an image file for us to pre-process and analyze. If our image processor fails to determine all the receipt fields 100%, you will be given a chance to correct any mistakes via a form

Step 2: Setup your warranty expiration reminder

Here you simply tell us when you would like to be reminded. If you want to be notified 2 weeks before it expires, you set it and forget it here. We take care of the rest and send you a notification so that you don't forget that your product is losing coverage if no action is taken. This step only happens once (you can always change it in the settings).

If automatic renewal of the warranty, we take of the rest of keeping your warranty up-to-date, i.e. we won't let it expire. As long as the vendor allows it and there are no limits to renewals, we will do it so that you don't have to.

You're done!

That's it! Just upload all the other receipts you have laying around for piece of mind that they will not expire without you knowing. Once uploaded to the cloud, we keep a record of the receipts and track when they expire. You can always log in to check how much coverage you have left on any of your products. Nothing more is required from you