Can a child do such a cruel thing?

Sigurd is still in a coma.

Three of the hostages were beheaded.

When taking antibiotics, one should not consume alcohol.


I miss him as much as ever.

The place was alive with creative young people.

Lukas, are you and John brothers?

The author of the Slovio language has even made a porn site in it.

How are you going to solve this problem?

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Let's see if we can do better next time.

The newcomers were quickly absorbed into the community.

Is Lucius, or is Hunter going to the market?


They are both good teachers.

I keep calling, but I can't get a hold of Lui.

I don't remember anything about them.

Rain or shine, the postman delivers the mail.

We were all on the bus.


You should take swimming lessons.

What is the name of this bird?

Please take out the trash.


Dan didn't even like guns.

And Santa Claus thought that was the greatest pleasure in life: for he loved to have enormous fires in the great fire-places, and the colder it was, the bigger fires he would have, and the louder the winds roared around his chimney.

I am not a special person.

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Franklin is extremely disorganized.


You look kind of pale.

It was then I became occupied in liquidating members of the opposite sex.

He is interested in music.

The damage of the typhoon spread over several prefectures.

I think Mosur is going to be fine.


Did you choose those songs yourself?

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It is said that the Sentinelese are extremely fierce people.

The door is locked.

Simon wanted to go to the lake.


It's quite cold this morning. Look, my breath comes out white.

He tried, in vain, to borrow a large sum of money from them.

He's a master of provocation.

On school nights, Butler goes to bed at nine o'clock, but on Fridays and Saturdays, he stays up much later.

For the time being I want to work at that bookstore.

Come again tomorrow.

That amplifier doesn't work.

Bertrand doesn't brush his teeth as often as he should.

She knows that as well.

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I declined the job that they offered me.


Please replace the empty ink jet cartridge in the printer.

The cows are milked at six.

Teresa is a Portuguese name.

We'll only wait three more hours.

The crowd is going nuts.

I acknowledge it to be true.

Annard is pretty conceited, isn't he?

That's what I'm doing.

There's no urgency.

Don't promise anything.

Klaudia had some problems he had to deal with.

It is said that he is still alive.

You don't have to study theology to be a believer.

We visited Sao Paulo's largest museum.

Francisco gets along very well with Syed.

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You lying bastard!

While in jail, Juha befriended John, an infamous car thief.

Israel made a dog house for Cookie.

He'll come at quarter past three.

This is the last time I'll advise Taninna.

The floor is cold.

The bench is there too, isn't it?

You're supposed to help them.

It's impossible to explain.

I myself didn't have to go and meet him there.

Please take me to the station.

Let me hold it.

I know Suresh likes Joe.


Stefan is going to be in Boston all week, isn't he?

Do you have anything else?

She is a Wiccan.

Please see that this letter is mailed sometime today.

I won't allow it!


Rolf tipped the barrel over.

I'm glad I was able to do this.

She cares for the children.


I'll meet Knute in Boston.


Any magazine will do.


Strawberry juice is good for your memory.

Think happy thoughts.

I'm staying here.

We were careful not to do that.

There is no table in the room.

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We've seen worse.

When participants were sought at the end of June all, about 500, seats were reserved in under a week.

I'm coming right home.


Who can afford these prices?

No one can bake apple cake better than Emily can.

That feels good.

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Kurt named his hamster Cookie.


As far as I know, he said that himself.

The letter is for me.

What's your favorite dinner?

How many languages are spoken in New Guinea?

His speech turned us off.

Substituting textbooks and handouts with hand-held computers could save actually save money in the long run.

They say it's important.


His study of optics led him to the invention of the magnifying glass.

He hadn't prepared for the test; still he passed it.

Hazel will be jealous.

He's not the same as he was before.

That's a good school.

The dog ran towards me.

I came here to talk to him.

When did you meet her for the first time?

You should have told me sooner.


I prefer reading to writing.

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When he doesn't get what he wants, he pouts.

Irvin spoke with tears in his voice.

I only wish I had a little more time to finish this.


Where does that Janice person live?


He was laughed at by his friends.


What kind of jokes do you like?

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The lady looked sad, also tired.

He deserves our reverence.

You shouldn't have eaten so much ice cream.

I have a slight headache now.

Why are you doing this to me now?

Field with eyes, forest with ears.

Martyn and Lea have gone their separate ways.

Show me where you found them.

You must have dropped them.

That isn't my concern.

How thick is the board?

This boy is his son.

You shouldn't associate with men like that.


Is this all you can give me?

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They're staring at each other.

Give him a hand, will you?

I know some really funny jokes. Want to hear one?

School being over, there were only a small number of pupils in the playground.

You all are Swedish.


I always buy fresh vegetables instead of frozen ones.

Did Sanand say he loved you?

I would rather study than play today.

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What if they say no?

What was the cause of his delay?

We're concerned about her.


Claude was very angry at Raja.

Our world is a book, and people who don't travel are reading only from the first page.

It doesn't take very long.

Two trucks bumped together.

Your job is to make sure Donn does his job right.

The argument quickly got out of control.

Rod didn't come with us.

Sentient beings include humans and animals.

It's shocking what they wrote about you in the papers.

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I don't understand how you can just sit there and not do anything.

That never happened.

Corey has been studying French for the last three years.

It's been challenging.

You have a telephone.

The weather is looking good.

I don't think about the strange sounds you might hear in the woods.


I won't go back.


I'm not saluting your flag.

There are lots of risky places in London.

He is eager that you come tomorrow.


It's monkey meat.