There is a big hole in your stocking.

You should look out for potholes when driving.

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Petr has been living in Boston for three years.

It looks like she is a little under the weather.

You should see the film.


You should wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.

Somebody took a shot at them.

Jonathan is working as a model.


I'll still call Boston home.

I don't know if she will go there with me.

Janet never flinched.


He sold all that he owned.

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Just call No.

Jeany did it for us.

I wonder how much it would cost to get my house painted.


Parrots imitate human speech.

Kiki never threw away anything that he thought he might be able to use sometime.

I thought about what Swamy said.

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We believe in that man.


Huey is someone who might be able to help us.

Gilles speaks quickly.

Linda visited the National Museum when he was in Amsterdam.

If a sentence doesn't sound natural, simply erase it from the list.

We never know when adventure will step into our lives, but when it does, we must seize it.

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He really got sick.


This is a stupid game.

As a soccer player he is second to none.

She made tea for me.


How did you and Tolerant become acquainted?

Marsh might even be richer than we thought he was.

Mark didn't know that Trying was in town.


She's too young to get married.

They captured Rome in June of 1944.

I've got to get back home by midnight.

The Allies continued to build up their forces in France.

Don't walk away from him.

My relationship with my boyfriend began yesterday - one of the most memorable days of my life.

Here's a piece of paper.

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We're always doing something.

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What an awful report!

He studied on his own account.

You've got skills.

I'd like to help, but I don't know how.

Roderick gave June a detailed explanation of how it worked.

I think we need to organize a search party immediately.

Mosur stole two bases.


A year after saying those words, she succumbed to the illness she had been fighting.

Tell me something about your country.

Today is my friend's birthday.

Shall I tell them the truth?

Have you finished writing your thesis?

What would happen if the human race goes extinct?

Have you ever assembled a computer by yourself?

The English lesson started at 8:30.

I don't have any brothers.

I still try to be careful.

It was cold in the summer of this year.

Did Marika love to speak Swedish more than Finnish?

I had a checkup the week before last.

It's easy for Pete.

My mind is a blank.

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I remember the way you used to look at Nate.


Tobias will turn thirty in October.


I have no one to play with.


I'm not going to be a part of this.

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The stadium was packed with excited spectators.

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Jay was attacked by a swarm of bees.

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Janice has already thanked me.


Watch out for that man.


She's always been a hothead.

Parents should monitor their children's activities.

That's not a doctor.


When you start looking like your passport photo you should go on vacation.

I don't think everyone is here yet.

You may ask a question of that teacher.

Miles is putting on weight.

Why do you think football isn't popular in America?

Neville has a workshop in his basement.

What kind of an idiot do you take me for?


I'm controlling myself not to lose my head.

I refuse to consent to that plan.

Where did you drink them?


Tell me a little bit about yourself.


We need to keep changing a culture that shines a particularly unforgiving light on women and girls of color. About how they look, about how they feel, about what they should or should not do.


Jingbai pried open the door with a crowbar.


Shatter is slowing down.

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He touched the water with his foot.

Chinese is a language that has four tones.

Thanks ever so much.

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The Cosmic Dust Laboratory at NASA's Johnson Space Center contains the largest collection of comet debris on Earth.

You've got to be joking!

This is exactly what I want.

How many people does this ship's crew consist of?

This must be yours.

I'm trying to hold it!

Agriculture became possible inside the shell structure of space stations.

I'm taking her some food.

It is widely suspected that Aimee's country is secretly developing nuclear weapons.


I don't think you should eat that.


It's likely to take much longer than you think it will.

David is taking a nap.

You need to reverse your vest, it's back to front.


So I get no reception in this classroom.

You should check your blood pressure.

I've been interested in art ever since I was just a kid.


I was puzzled about what to do next.

And they lived happily ever after.

Frederic was a good boxer.

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Her dress leaves nothing to the imagination.

That's what I'm really worried about.

I'm well aware of Louise's financial situation.

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I'm so glad you decided to come.


What you're saying is true.


I opened my account with the bank.

I've been very fortunate.

Maureen and Stuart had different ideas.


I'm not sure anything happened.


My computer is my best friend.

You don't remember, do you?

I don't know anything about this.


Jock insisted on paying the bill.


We had a wonderful time today.

Look, calm down everyone and tell me: what happened?

I'm not making that up.


I never plan to retire.


That name is Ken.

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Give me half of it.


It was disheartening.

I could not afford to buy a bicycle.

My entire school attends the game.


I don't want to miss the first act.


Be quiet. If you aren't quiet, you'll be thrown out.


A single glass of alcohol increases the risk of cancer.


They admitted her to the hospital.

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He was painfully skinny.

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I'm not leaving without them.

She must be mad at me.

They fit each other so perfectly.

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Did people recognize you?

Sasha likes cherries and pirogies.

Reiner is more than just an acquaintance.

I know what got her rattled.

I keep telling myself it doesn't matter.

Poor girl! What had this young and pure soul done to be already subjected to such misfortune?

The weather's nice today.