Shamim, we've been through this before.

I have always worked towards excellence in my studies.


We can't tell anyone about this.

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We were deeply impressed by the lecturer's eloquent speech.

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Why didn't you tell me Barry was here?

He is no match for his wife.

I went to the bank to take out money.

I'm not to be disturbed.

Axel suppressed a yawn.


Huashi watered the garden.

Robert never told me how beautiful you were.

Dan didn't even leave a message.

It's clear Syd doesn't want to deal with it at this time.

I just found it.


"This isn't Stanly's watch." "I never said it was."


Be careful not to say something stupid.

In addition to being a great statesman, Churchill was a great writer.

Randy is much better today than yesterday.

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The man has more bread than his wife.


He heard coughing.


I think you're causing problems.

Nicholas could be after your job.

What would you say?

How does one cook rice without starch?

I've heard it said that it's harder to please a woman than to please a man. I wonder if that's true.


It's the funniest dog in the world.

It doesn't have to be this way, Micheal.

If these days are not convenient for you, please let us know.

Torsten started an advertising agency.

Amy wants to keep it.

I'm just calling to say hi.

He never drinks without complaining about his son.


I'm leaving tomorrow.


How many credits can I get for this course?

The plaque has to be removed.

It rained like mad for about a half-hour.

It is wonderful to think of Spring, when the new buds of the persimmon burst forth.

I got this in the bag.

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Look at those black clouds.


The sea covers nearly three-fourths of the earth's surface.

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How many people know about us?

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I invited you to the party.

The house fell down a week later.

He may well complain about his salary.

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Every time an artist dies, part of the vision of mankind passes with him.


Catherine seems to be conservative.

I wish all people loved peace!

Omar is going to be even better next time.

The students went all over the classroom looking for their friends and buddies, unfortunately to the point at which Junior couldn't find anyone!

Have you even talked to him?

I hate doing this kind of stuff.

I can teach you how to drive.


I'll understand if you want to wait.


People whose homes are in the town want to live in the country.


Paper is white; carbon is black.

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Irfan should eventually have enough money to buy Cathy a diamond ring.

Like my new pants?

I'm the new teacher.

What's the name of that piece?

Konstantinos's proposal wasn't acceptable.


Tell me what your name is.

You can do whatever you want to, of course.

They are no longer recognizable.


I wrote my songs myself.

Don't stand.

I thought Cathrin was in the bathroom.


We ate lunch in a coffee lounge.


This has nothing to do with what happened here last week.

She thinks I'm trying to steal her boyfriend.

Mohammad was lying on the pier getting a suntan.

Those burly books were really expensive.

Friends are thieves of time.


I can't drink milk.


Dieter put the gun back in his waistband.


Did you see this man?

She must be stupid to say such a thing.

Do you agree with what he says in the book?

They put him in jail.

See if you can catch the word she uses as she describes how she begins her day.


We all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon.

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Andrew's one big ambition in life was to become a race car driver.

Johnnie opened the front door.

Have you ever had any serious illness?

How did I miss this?

That shouldn't be too hard to get.

They have nothing.

I thanked him for his help.

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Elisabeth's dog dragged the dead rabbit back to its doghouse.

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When do you close?

You're safe here.

We came in third.


Maya priests learned much about astronomy.


The place is at its best in spring.


We kiss our child a hundred times a day.


I'll give Barrett another chance.

Have you ever had any serious illness?

Shun will take over my job while I'm away.


Does Shyam go to the same school as you?

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She used to keep a diary, but she no longer does.


That wouldn't help me.

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If you could only see the twisted fantasies that wander about in my head...

There's his friend.

I am quite agreeable to the proposal.

She's in a bad mood.

You may take either of the two books.

I won't forget that.

George is five years older than me.

I smelled one.

He was in the shower.


Knudsen is in the lead.


That would've been the right thing to do.

I don't quite follow.

Don't get a dog riled up. He might bite you.

Janet doesn't have to do it right away.

According to Gunter, Sergeant used to live in Boston.

He used every trick in the book.

Bud should be prosecuted.

You were never my type.

Bernie pulled out his phone.

Donnie used to be my boyfriend.

You can't run away from age.

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Beloved, unexpected, and undefeated, his voice sounded like a toad that had swallowed a tractor.


Is it true he can't read or write?

Would you mind drawing down the blind?

Is that what you're suggesting?

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I can't believe this is really over.


Irwin has found what he's been looking for.


I'll pick her up.


We must prevent this type of incident from recurring.

Why do it this way?

You must be tired, but hang on 'til 3.

I only looked at the files Sundaresan told me to.

I'd never hurt her.

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Well, let's have lunch.

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There's nothing to see.

There's our bus.

Linley put a piece of dry ice into a cup of water.

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My orders should be carried out.


He speaks not only Spanish, but also French.

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You have to make the crease very straight.


I'm still right here.

They named the spaceship A100.

Philippe said that you tried to kill him.


James didn't hide anything from Toft.