Why Revinnx Reporting Solutions?

We are an industry-leading hotel revenue consulting company committed to providing our clients with hotel specific, confidential, reliable, accurate and actionable reports/data that will enable hotel owners and operators to make strategic data driven decisions to optimize hotel revenue. Our report packages, providing actionable data, are delivered through our secured website or a hotel manager/owner mobile device. RevInnX 's main goal is not just to give hotel managers/owners data, but to provide them with data that is hotel specific and is available through revenue reports/tools that are easily accessible. This knowledge and these tools continually guide decision making to place managers at an advantage over their competition NOT taking advantage of this information/data. For more information on our hotel specific reporting, to purchase your level of reporting, or to chat with one of our Senior Hotel Revenue Consultant experts contact us at RevInnX.
Real-time Reporting

Make informed decisions in real-time. Analyze and share your data and reports with ease and derive key business insights in real time.

Data Analysis

Stay on top of your business. Easily identify patterns and trends in reservations, sales, and customers , and track key performance indicators.

Mobile Access

Mobile optimized and ready. Easily and securely access your data and reports on-the-move from your mobile devices, anytime and anywhere.

24/7 Support

Unmatched customer service. Documentation, e-mail and telephone support available for sign-ups, usage assistance, and technical guidance.

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About US


Allan Wlaschin and Eric Hevi-Doglan, after many years in the hotel industry, decided to contribute to the already growing revenue management field by creating CEG Global Solutions in 2007. CEG Global Solutions, the leader in hotel revenue consulting, provides data driven recommendations and analysis for over 100 hotels in US and Canada. CEG Global Solutions has clients in almost every region, market type, size and brand. In 2015, CEG Global Solutions, launched its newest initiative, RevInnX. RevInnX, in response to popular demands, fills the vacuum of hotel specific, reliable, accurate, data driven reports in the hotel industry. Revinnx.com provides confidential, reliable, accurate and actionable data to assist hotel owners and operators in strategy data driven decision to optimize revenue.

  • Hotel Revenue Optimization
  • Hotel Revenue Forecasting
  • Hotel Revenue Analytics
  • Hotel Demand Forecasting