Free and Open Cloud Services

Software should be free as in freedom!

In recent years big software companies have pushed proprietary software into our digital lives. Our communication nowadays mainly relies on a few closed protocols from F$c3bo^k, G%%gle, 4pple and M#cro#ft. These (quasi-) monopolies in the different fields (Messaging apps, collaborative document editing, cloud storage, video chat) pose a big risk for society and result in people depending on single companies for their everyday communication.

Under your control

A lot of the services provided by these companies are freely (as in free beer) available in the free (as in freedom) software community. Everyone can install and use this software on its own server, which is, what I did.

This server offers the following services:

  • XMPP: instant messaging, picture, video, filesharing
  • nextcloud: cloud storage, file sharing and online document editing
  • Ampache: music and video streaming and download

Please let me know if you are interested in using these services.



For questions just drop an E-mail to

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Wh%ts$pp Alternative

Jabber/XMPP uf em Smartphone iirichte Falls mal Luscht hesch e halb Stund in ein Alternative zu Whatsapp z investiere... Folgendi vorteil "Free, as in free speech (and as in …

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