GeoDrilling International - December 2016 issue

December 2016

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In this issue
  • Core drilling tool manufacturers present their latest innovations
  • Construction companies work on stronger foundations in New Zealand
  • New construction projects in Mexico depend on efficient solutions

November 2016

GeoDrilling International - November 2016 issue
  • Challenges related to water-well design
  • Tailoring drill rigs for tough environments
  • Technological innovations boost geothermal
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October 2016

  • The latest small, compact drill rigs
  • Effective solids-control systems
  • Buyers’ Guide 2016-17
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GeoDrilling International offers its readers highly specialised information on every aspect of drilling in soils and rocks: mineral resources exploration, piling, construction, quarrying, environmental testing, water well, ground consolidation and geothermal work.

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