The kitchen knife wasn't sharp enough to cut the meat, so I used my pocket knife.

You never liked us.

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I'm not the one who should go.

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Let's change the subject.

Adam met Eve, his wife.

Brent is still going strong.

I assure you that won't be necessary.

Brett said that it wasn't his fault and he blamed Frederick instead.

King Ahasuerus loved Esther.

You are such a liar!

The more important crossroads are equipped with traffic lights and roundabouts.

That was when I was in the first year at high school, so 17 years have passed since then.


Vijay has always been fat.

I would buy the car, but I am poor.

Let him pay for it.

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Nicolo isn't the sort to apologize to anyone.

Is it too late to say I'm sorry?

How is Rabin now?

Why didn't you dance with him?

Arnold had expected Kiki to be there, too.

Can I give you a ride somewhere?

I tried to get her to come.

I thought you might like this book.

In my opinion, we should hire Gary.


The secret seems to have leaked out.

His fairy tales made Hans Christian Andersen, the most famous Dane in the world, an icon of world literature.

Jock is the only guy I've ever really loved.

Maybe I should talk to her.

I felt embarrassed at first.

There is a garden behind my house.

Tommy lives all by himself in a small cabin in the woods.


You should've been paying attention.

He is bound to win the match.

He may be old, but he is still very healthy.

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She fed them with hamburgers.

I sent Milner my picture.

If only I had known this before taking this test!

When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.

"Can you cut it like this, please?" "A little shorter in the front and a little longer on the sides, please."

Brandi thinks Angela has fallen to the skinniness craze.

She was at the supermarket.


If you spoke less and listened more, you'd definitely be able to learn something.


Don't be a crybaby!

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Christie seemed calm.

Professor Naruhodo's lecture was re-broadcast.

I cannot even though I want to.

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It would be splendid if we could go there, wouldn't it?

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Why don't we just elope?

This summer we had an unusual amount of rain.

The postwar has experienced several long periods of continuous strong prosperity, among which are the Jinmu Boom and the Iwato boom.

I cannot relax if one of my friends is anxious.

Sometimes, I think that I think too much.

All models are wrong, but some are useful.

Can I speak to Molly?


He reads the newspaper in order to keep up with the times.

That's what you want, isn't it?

He has a fair income.

Cattle feed on grass.

Japan is dependent on foreign countries for oil.

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I got sunburned.

This is as heavy as lead.

Mirabelles are equally delicious in a compote.


It's likely that Ram will be the one who comes.

Wilson wondered how much Gale weighed.

Trying to juggle two jobs at once is an almost impossible task.

"Hey, pal, are you thinking what I think you think I'm thinking, or are you thinking what you thought I've been thinking?" "Wait, who are you anyway?"

Do you think Carl saw anything?


He interviewed the suspect today.

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For the first time, he stood to take a real interest in his studies.

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The heat is overwhelming.


Who bought you this dress?


I did see something.

Ain't no pot so crooked, you can't find a lid to fit.

Humanity has suffered more from war in this century than ever before.


The room is anything but small.


You're almost thirty.

I can go to Paula's whenever I want.

I can't let you use that.


She wished me success.

Do you know Rudolph's boyfriend's name?

You're courteous.

The island is warm all year.

Heinz will leave in a few days.

I don't have a conscience, I only have a sensitivity.

Donald and Srivatsan are very good friends.

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Where are my car keys?

A drop of sweat ran down his temple.

Good advice can't be followed if it isn't understood.

The flash wasn't working, so he couldn't take a picture in the dark.

You just saw him, didn't you?

You were manipulating Jean-Pierre.

I'd better talk to her.


Without his pants, the general looks less impressive.


Why don't you ever talk about Brian?

I never said I was fragile.

I've got some things I want to do right now.

The dog's house is outside.

Who's in control?


Hein can sit wherever he likes.


I took it for granted that she would agree with me.

Hughes wasn't the only one who was busy.

She was an activist in the Women's Liberation Movement.

John is a veterinarian.

Anne is simple.

Where did you join them?

I want an explanation now.

You accused him of having stolen the bike.

Jiri went blind.

There are few, if any, mistakes in his English.

We were both afraid to jump off the diving board.


What did Alejandro Jackson invent?

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These are our children.

Meanwhile, one national newspaper put out a headline in its evening edition, which read Japan and the U.S. came to a substantial agreement. This surprised many people including the government officials.

I recently met her.

We made good business today.

Always pay attention to your surroundings.


The convention opened as planned.


I'll go and look for her.

I am very fond of travelling by train.

I told you this was a waste of time.

He was a brave warrior who had spent most of his life fighting his enemies.

I buy silver from a man who owns a mine.

We can do this.

He got hurt in the accident at work.

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You've been pretty busy.

I'm beginning to lose my patience.

Let's all be friends.

What's your favorite thing about the Christmas season?

Dwight doesn't know how worried Spike is.

I've acquired confidence in the job.

Did that uncle of his often visit America?

We trusted Monica.

Christofer is handsome.

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My parents are waiting for me.


Are you saying that you don't want to see me anymore?

What do you think Donne wanted?

Everything posted must be free, legal, and appropriate for all ages.


Mother is the first to wake up in the morning.

Sometimes water becomes a precious commodity.

Don't blame me for this.

Could you shut the door?

I'm confused.

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I forbid you to smoke.

I'll give you an apple.

Most words are used very rarely, which makes it difficult to remember vocabulary when learning foreign languages.


You need new shoes.

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People love to talk.

He came near being run over by a car.

This year I most definitely have to drive.

If you need advice, don't hesitate to ask for it.

One can still see the ship.

Follow your dreams to the ends of the earth.

You can talk to Soohong now if you want to.

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It seemed like the only way to do it.

My favorite translation is this one.

Pets are allowed.


The furrier gets the skins of more foxes than asses.


There's someone at the door who wants to talk to you.