Can you help me out or not?

I'm not sure it'll do you any good.

Please forgive me for not having written to you earlier.

Winds from the sea are moist.


What is she doing in his office?

I hope this makes it through baggage inspection.

I don't know my neighbors.

The composer is wrestling with the new music.

Do you think that was deliberate?

His kindness is only a pose.

The baseball stadium was full of enthusiastic fans.

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Nicolette lived in Boston for three years before moving back to Chicago.


There are a lot of pictures in this book.


Val told me that he could hear something, but he wasn't sure what it was.

On hearing the news, he rushed out of the house.

The Solar System has only eight planets now as Pluto, which was the ninth, has been reclassified as a dwarf planet.

These stairs are a little slippery, so please be careful.

I used to have an old Rolls Royce.

I appreciate everything you've done.

He was angry at her words.

Sanand trimmed his beard for the wedding.

These tire tracks were made by a mid-size vehicle.

They are making a salad.

Paola and Surya sang the song together.


The Irishman replies.


Sometimes it seems that everybody hates me.

Tuan hasn't kissed Corey yet.

I made a phone call.

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I only read part of the report.

The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

This shows that happiness and sadness are only separated by attitude.

Our relationship is not as great as it used to be.

I don't think Marcia wants to see Stan.


I just now found this.


You want to buy a book.

The doctors told Alexander that Jay didn't have long to live.

I had issues I had to deal with.

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I wish I could prevent that.

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I was the one chosen.

I went downstairs and turned off the light.

Whether the weather be fine or whether the weather be not, whether the weather be cold or whether the weather be hot, we'll weather the weather, whether we like it or not!

I will spend next Sunday reading novels.

Just get back here.

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Common causes of stress are work and human relationships.

I won't keep you too long.

You've made your bed, now lie in it.

Professor Sprout acclimated the plant to a new environment.

I don't want to see Charles.

What if he doesn't want to talk to me?

He made a bargain with them about the furniture.


I couldn't go to your birthday party.

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I like blue.


The bill could be paid today.

The first space stations rotated axially to produce artificial gravity.

I explained the procedures to him.

There is insufficient light for reading.

You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs.


While driving, mind the potholes.

Many couples in America both work to make ends meet.

Can I help you, sir?


You're here awfully early today.


We will stay at home rather than get there so late.

What he said proved true.

She's a Pisces.

The dominance of English in many countries made people speak their native languages less.

I can't disagree with that.

How did you discover that?

You don't need to make dinner tonight.

I can't be held responsible.

There's nothing like close combat to test one's mettle.

I hope nothing goes wrong.

Monica is a remarkable young man.

She treated him like a king.

The trip was canceled because of the terrible storm.

Under the reign of tyranny, innocent people were deprived of their citizenship.

Let's end up this useless argument right now!

I'll be busy until four.

I wasn't the one who told Orville to do that.

I can assure you of his earnestness.

I shouldn't even be telling you this.

Was King the one who gave you that?

Izzy smiled appreciatively.


I'm sending you the payment through PayPal.


Stick with it and you'll succeed.

Those in attendance numbered in the dozens.

I often read English and Chinese blogs online.


Yes, that's my house.

As a social being, he seeks to gain the recognition and affection of his fellow human beings, to share in their pleasures, to comfort them in their sorrows, and to improve their conditions of life.

Was she working yesterday?

After the first year, the patient's recovery slowed to a standstill.

We tend to think that our time is really only ours on Sunday and during the holidays.


After the argument with his wife he took a long walk to clear his head.


I used to play with dolls a lot when I was a little girl.

I'm so anxious.

Harry was the one who suggested opening a bottle of wine.

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Antonella did a lot of laundry today.

Dan chased the mugger and caught him.

Why didn't you just say so?

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I didn't want anyone to see me.

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She really caught my attention.


He didn't want to antagonize her.


He returns from New York tomorrow.

She showed a knack of insults.

This racket of Jane's is a little heavier than the one which I bought yesterday.

They are threatening me.

Brandon closed the door quietly behind him.


She was ashamed of herself for her carelessness.

The country was governed by a French noble family.

Arne got up off the floor.

Only a handful of activists are articulate in our union.

The lumberjack had a variety of axes for different jobs.


The bottle is made of glass.

My briefcase is full of papers.

As far as I am concerned, I have no objection to the plan.


Gigi only buys sweatshop-free clothing.

We can't trust him because he often tells lies.

Jayesh wants me to take Sanche to the party.

Annard eats alone in front of his computer.

Graeme worried about whether he had enough money to pay for such a nice meal.


Never did I expect that I would see him there.


The car traveled quickly.

I just have to drop this book off.

I put you through to her.

They are afraid to fly.

What he has said is contrary to fact.

I'll pretend this never happened.

Could you wrap them up separately?

Will you teach me how to play chess?

Failing the examination means waiting for another year.

Pat might not have missed the last train.

Have you got used to living in the dorm?


Blaine started to cry.

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Becky is by far the best nurse in the whole hospital.

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An increase in the number of cars will affect the urban environment.

You don't like music.

Toothache is one of the worst pains I've been through.

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We really thought we could do it.

I'm all alone right now.

Darrell is the only person I know who can't speak French.

This politician was accused of stealing millions of dollars in public funds.

Without your consent, nothing can be done about it.

I want to tell you something strange.

The cabin had no water or electricity.


Let's meet in front of the hotel.


Manny and her boyfriend are planning to go to a movie Friday evening.

Jacob asked me out this weekend.

He has no bicycle.

This is insubordination.

Why do we need to keep it secret?

The rights of the individual are important in a free society.

Puns are very hard, if not impossible, to translate.

Thank you for listening to my presentation.

Don't be melodramatic.

How're you holding up?

Can you tell me when Phiroze'll be back?

I can't hold back my laughter any longer.

Please tell me this isn't happening.

I'll give you the ice cream after you eat all the carrots.

Plans are still pending.

Roman says that he's very busy.

Were you able to find them?