His behavior is contrary to his belief.

Do you know the reason why the sky looks blue?

I'm just getting started.

He left the country to study.

If you want just to get some points, play a game.

Don't kick the door open.

The baby started to cry.

Sanity put his shirt on inside out.

I need to get in there.

You sound like your mother.


Beth got caught in a traffic jam.

You should look out for cars when you cross the street.

That sounds like something you would do.

"How much did it cost?" "It cost me a thousand yen."

It's really stressful.

I wonder if Emil ever took Doug up on her offer.

The rapid growth of the country has a lot to do with the characteristics of the people.


Aren't you the lucky one?

Come on, tell him!

People talk a lot about social networks these days.

It's all so different.

Now, please don't get so angry.


Spock has to deal with this alone.

"How do you like my hair?", asked Agatha to her husband.

I'm on my lunch break.

Is Toerless dating someone?

Duane admitted that he had been wrong.


I'm ready to leave whenever you are.

Jeff may not even be in Boston now.

Let's go and see him there.

The whole country was covered in snow.

The moment he arrived at the station, it began to rain.

Do you think there's a hell?

Don't do that!

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She has a big heart.

There was a large audience at the concert.

I will give you a call tomorrow night.

You can meet us downstairs when you're ready.

The tiger was killed.

Are you still working for her?

It's really great.

Ms. Swan is our English teacher.

This bar is much busier later in the evening.


In many places it isn't legal to walk a dog on the beach.

The Lord be most exalted!

There's danger that the levee will break. We have to evacuate immediately.

I see you had to work late again last night.

It was almost a decade ago, on May 8th, 1980, that Mount St. Helens erupted.


The students are on holiday.

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This firm ranks second in the oil trade.

You can't tell anybody what's going on.

Today I'm paying!

The jury hasn't yet made a decision.

Shoichi's face turned pale.

Technology can help.

Is it true that you complained to the principal?


Of course I will go to France sometime, except that I don't know when.

"It's okay. I won't bite", said the vampire.

Some think that the Berber language might die out.


A bear is bigger than I.

This is the first time I've ever helped my father.

This is a public street, not a racetrack.


I have a right to be happy.

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This house is so much bigger than the other.


A perfect knowledge of a few writers and a few subjects is more valuable than a superficial one of a great many.

What do you do to stay in shape?

It's my turn to pay for dinner.


They held off choosing Mike as captain.

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Bertrand was our captain.

It suits me.

James feels very strongly about this.


Mara handed Kyle a box of tissues.

They boast of their bridge.

"Isn't it about time you tried photographing people or something?" "Eh? Snapshots? I don't know ..."

I'm coming over to your place.

May I think about it?

Do you go to school on Sundays?

That's no way to talk about Cristina.

I cannot agree with you as regards that.

When does his plane take off?


These apples are rotten.

It is deplorable that she is so selfish.

The news soon spread that he was on his way.

I just want to feel your love.

She lost her money, her family and her friends.

Students asked many questions at his lectures.

It would be nice to meet again before long.

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Vick has fallen asleep.

We were all busy.

Make sure you don't listen too loud with these new earphones!

You're afraid the same thing will happen to you, aren't you?

She would be proud of me!

That is very exciting.

If you do that, it will help you.

Would you please lend me some money?

Just a little more patience.

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Matt thinks there is something wrong with some politicians.

She's a stubborn woman.

The work is almost finished.


The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv.

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Sonja had no reason to suspect that Mat was two-timing her.

Have you finished talking now?

We laughed at Ahmet.

If it were not for television, the world would feel even larger.

He isn't such a fool as to risk his life.


I'm no use to anyone.


You might want to glance at this.

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Marla is a stranger.


Lack of respect is something I cannot easily put up with.

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I forgot that the daily rate included breakfast.

Hsuan got his nipples pierced.

They're having problems with their budget.

If there's a better solution, then I'll notify you about it as soon as possible.

Do you want help with that?


The girl was laughed at by all her classmates.

I think Suyog is unhappy.

I can't understand what precisely she wants.

We have snow in January.

Shel was my biggest inspiration.


Dragons spit fire.

She revealed the secret.

Rhonda worked as a teacher and journalist.

What did Pilar say he lost?

I would like you to know how much you mean to me.

I think maybe Tai needs me.

Icebergs had been grounded on the beach.

After months of manifestations, the president came to the conclusion that the best choice was to leave the country.

They were really cold.


What's the most important lesson life has taught you?

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We have to do this every day.

I'm not trying to impress anyone.

Good afternoon, everyone.

Don't let him get to you.

Piercarlo was impressed with how well Hsuan could speak French.

Why should I stop Jean-Christophe?

You can't save me.

I wonder who made all this.

When I phone them nobody answers.

Paul failed to come on time.

Eli suddenly realized what Charlene was thinking.

This will be an interesting challenge.

Can I borrow your cell phone today?

There's another reason, isn't there? Well, how did I do? I bet I hit the mark.

Coming events cast their shadows before.


Do you have any quarters?

In some places, people died of hunger.

They need our support.

I thought Gregory was home asleep.

We're good.

NASA is developing a first-ever robotic mission to visit a large near-Earth asteroid and collect a multi-ton boulder from its surface.

My father and I go fishing once in a while.

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We need someone to keep an eye on our baby while we are away.

Dark clouds are rolling in. It's going to rain.

Kate was surprised when she saw that big dog.

All of us were shocked by the news.

I'd like to have a girl the first time. Look, they say 'First a girl, then a boy' don't they?

We can't just let them go.

Nick drinks quite a bit.


His brother had been a truck driver for thirty years.

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Ahmet was wearing John's sweater.

He had to lead a miserable life for many years.

Are there any towns with festivals near here?


I only want to help him.


One large fries and two medium cokes.