When I woke up this morning, both of my parents had gone to work.

You're rude.

I told Sandip how proud I was of her.

Are you for real?

I'll provide you with all the necessary information.

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The day was hot.


I like her an awful lot.

The plan was adopted at the meeting.

I was going to try to reason with Lindsay.

Let's hope there are no more acts of vandalism.

Our trip is dependent on the weather.

Unfortunately I was not in time for his speech.

Could you come into my office?

Do you like to travel by yourself?

The man ran away.

The film was not a success in Japan.

He advised her not to go there by herself.


He got interested in the story.

I had wanted to catch the first train.

You know that I love you so much, don't you?

You shouldn't have run away.

The allegations are completely unfounded.

Brandi must be sleeping in.

Van is sitting at the desk.


You're hard to understand.

She postponed her trip to Mexico.

Gordon, stubborn as he was, refused to change to the sensible metric system, preferring to measure volume in hogsheads instead.

Just what are you insinuating?

All the languages have a culture.

You should see what I found.

I wonder what Jeannie did with it.

Be more precise.

Richard said this movie was pretty good.

Kari said he had to talk to me.

Malcolm likes farming.

The question was too difficult to answer.

I feel like I've been thrown in the deep end.

Hardly had I heard the news when I felt like crying.

According to the manufacturer's directions, tires should be changed every 10 years.


Would you ever go out with a guy who couldn't sing?


He did not say a word to us.

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He loves to gamble but generally loses.


Did I startle you?

No one was able to help Pieter.

The map is on the wall.

I grew up with Sanjib.

The loan bears an 8% interest.

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Maybe there is someone else in the house.

We have to get Kusum to a hospital.

He will cast me a bone to pick.


We knelt down to pray.

Why don't you do that?

You seem a little stressed.

Why do I tell you people anything?

That country is rich in minerals.


Hard use has worn this bag.


Drop the knife!

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The police seized the robber by the neck.


I'd trust Jeff with my life.

I'm looking for someone who can speak French.

Do you like any of those?

Who fired first?

Please help me in the kitchen.

I can't remember any of it.

How do you make a triangle-shaped onigiri? No matter how many times I try I can only make round onigiri.


I'm not quite sure yet.


We're really late.


This is my first day.

They heard it.

I hope we'll find lots of it.

He rode a horse to the sea.

We'll save you.


Four times five is twenty.


She spent many days knitting a sweater for him.

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I didn't want to know.

Can a person who's blind in their own house become clairvoyant at the bazaar?

It was a put-up job.

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Nothing much has changed.


Do you think I look like Sangho?


Neville doesn't sleep as much as he used to.

Florian took a fifteen-minute break.

He makes three times more money than I do.


She works as hard as anybody does.


Geoff's eyesight isn't as good as it used to be.


Svante encouraged Rodent.


Don't let go of the rope till I tell you.

*Everything* should be doubted, I say.

I think one of us ought to help Roland.


What's the use of talking?

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What a funny man!


Lum didn't want to take such a big risk.

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I hate him, but I don't know why.

When was the last time you used a toll road?

If I wasn't so hungry, I wouldn't eat this.

I appreciate you telling me.

It's not going anywhere.

What time do you do your homework?

They finished their meal.

I'll give Price a chance.

Gunter introduced Lisa to me.

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With his death, the oldest family in this village died out.

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We have to buy the tickets right now.

French is the only foreign language that Polly knows.

Will you watch the Olympics?

Please store in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight.

I'll give this to you if you want it.

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For anybody coming to see us in Dublin, here is the Facebook event page!

Who will score the first goal tonight?

"I'm afraid of having eye surgery." "It's no time to be saying that kind of thing. At this rate, you might lose your eyesight."

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We were both very busy.

I need to see you right now.

What're you guys planning on doing later?

At this rate, we're not likely to be done before the end of the week.

Are we subjects or objects in this process?


We are bragging about our new boat.


Don't rip me off!


The dog caught the meat.

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Let's eat.

You're really out of line, you know that.

Were they let in on the secret?

Did you forget your wallet again?

I got Rhonda to help.

Come here. I want to show you something.

Tarmi lost both his parents when he was still very young.


Were you there to see the finish?

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I am afraid none of you are capable of doing the job. We will be taking our business elsewhere.

I'm planning my next vacation. Maybe I'll go to Disneyland with my family and friends. How much should I save for it?

It is better to be a coward for five minutes than dead for the rest of your life.

My father does not like the heat of summer.

I'm not willing to do that.


Phiroze dislikes crowds and avoids going to the shops at peak shopping periods.


We have bigger problems.

He explained the reason at length.

You're old enough to drink, aren't you?

Kamiya didn't have anything to say to Helen.

As for the students of today, I don't know what they are thinking about.


It has become common practise to employ foreigners working abroad from Asian countries as maids.

First, I want you to apologize to Frederick.

It was an exciting game.

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Raja needed a bath.

I'm pretty sure Moran knows what he's supposed to do.

A rose is sweeter in the bud than full blown.


In the evening the idle man begins to be busy.

When do I have to return the car?

Anything may happen till that time.

She looked at me in amusement.

Surprised at her behavior, he could not say a word.


Anthony looks really bored.


Klaus is going to be famous someday.

What's the catch?

As far as I know, he is reliable.