They are spreading love with muddy hands.

Maarten looks young.

I won't give up.

Such a childish plan is bound to fail.

I am thinking about that matter.

Is there fun in scaring children and arresting people in the middle of the night in their own country?

She accused me of hacking into her account.

I am going to have a great day today.

How long does a basketball game last?

Why is Irwin leaving so soon?


It is true he is young, but he has much good sense.

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She fainted but came to in about 5 minutes.


Just do what you want.


This is a very special night.

He lived with her for a few years in Italy.

Rabin likes fish.


Are you still out there?


It's a medical service.


Help me out here, Clyde.

Don't be rash.

I wrote a book about this.


Why he can't get the point?

Hienz helped Stu out of the cab.

Put your arm down.


tweneduarase -kwahu is one of the major towns in kwahu

Neville, Ramesh and John are playing cards in the living room.

What's your lawyer's name?

I fought as hard as I could.

Not every country belongs to the U.N.

Is it something pressing?

Believe it or not, peaches and almonds are in the same family.

She sews with a needle and thread.

I had a friend die recently.


He is running around like a headless chicken.

He is of a good line.

We all laughed at his pink tuxedo.


I'm looking forward to this weekend.

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We spent a few days together in Paris before coming back to Boston.

How soon can you have this dress ready?

I can tell Shari everything.


You picked a bad time.

King is an amazing person.

Briggs is watching golf.


Sriram seems pretty nice.

Your courtesy is appreciated.

He will accompany the children to school.


There's a Passover custom to hide half a matzo, which is called "Afikoman", and the child who finds it is entitled to ask for an expensive present in return for it.

We want to do something interesting.

High on the summit of the Tree was fixed a tinsel star. It was splendid, particularly splendid.

He made a careless mistake, as is often the case with him.

I'll take you to them.

You seem kind of quiet.

Sure, this house is as good as ever. She's built so well we could move her anywhere.


Ken had to think for himself.

We want to hear from you.

What kind of treasure do you seek?


He lifted his elbow too often.

I was just minding my own business.

"What am I supposed to do?" "I don't know. Do something."

Eugene was shouting.

Masanobu worked at a hospital.

You're my princess.

His invention is brilliant!


She has four of them.

Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins.

Carl has no desire to go dancing with Marilyn.

I wish I had a voice like Siping's.

The readers are the real target of interviews.

I thought that book was difficult to read.

That might not be as difficult as you think it's going to be.

They sent the first man into space.

We live in the vicinity of the school.

I can't abide such a person.

It'll have to wait till tomorrow.

Don't you like anybody?

Mosur did exactly what he'd been told to do.


You will be rewarded.


I should have brought a lunch.

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In two years, the company has more than doubled in size.


I carelessly allowed the door to stand open.

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Ric is looking forward to going to Boston.


Marcos is spying on us.

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There's no sugar.


What did you gift him?

An ancient people left a ringed contraption on the forsaken planet. It was supposed to be an entrance to another universe.

What's your favorite stuffed animal?


The doctor said that he would be well if he took his medicine.

Life is a little box of surprises.

Lindsay reluctantly assisted Oskar to escape police custody.

Both of them are very brilliant.

I've brought you a little going away present.

Parts of the country are so dry as to be almost desert.

We have to return to the ship now.

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Ramanan is presentable, isn't he?

Without water, there's no life.

You need to apologize to Sergio.


Pokemon is one of the best animes in the world.


Your purse is similar to mine.

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He is the principal of the high school.

They're playing football.

Please put your shoes on.

Let's bake cookies.

Young people are prone to fall into temptation.


I'll call you back.

You are old enough to take care of yourself.

I concentrated my attention on the lecture.

You think I'm crazy, don't you?

You have a child-like face.


Are they hiding something?


The child is in the care of his aunt.

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I thought maybe you could help me.


She tied him up.


Does your country have nuclear weapons?

John's parents seemed relieved to hear that he was safe.

Where do you intend to spend your vacation?

Penny was wearing a gray suit and a red tie.

By the time our long conversation was over, Mother was tired of standing.

Everybody likes to goof off.

I'll never work for Graeme.

A young man came for the new product.

Mom, when's supper?


Lenny fed the sheep.

I was very careful, but I caught a cold.

Some of these young people have legs twice as long as mine.

I learn Turkish.

It is getting cooler and cooler.

Alf has no excuse.

The ship rode over the waves.

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Anything can happen in the world of dreams.

Those twins are identical, not only their faces, but also in their characters.

There was food enough for us all.


We ate sandwiches, cakes, and so on.

Saify broke down and told Walter the truth.

Do you have anything to write with in there?


I like you more than you like me.

The football game is now being broadcast.

Come over!

A yellow bee hovers in a single spot.

Don't come late, okay?


He sat down and read while his wife was cooking by the fire.

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Jeff is the tallest guy in his class.


Julianto looked like he was getting ready for bed.

But in many ways, the bird called Alex is unusual, for it has shown the kind of mental abilities that scientists once thought only humans had.

We give this town to the Serb Nation.


Linda isn't very spontaneous.

Why didn't that work?

Why did you marry John, of all people?


A lot can happen between now and then.

Have you asked Alvin if he'll be there?

He dedicated his life to helping the poor.

Is modern society suffering from sleep deprivation?

Something has to change.

I explained to Jwahar why we had to do it.

Bacterias have the DNA as genetic material.