Vick doesn't have any children.

Environmentally damaging projects should be abandoned systematically.


I forgot to send New Year's cards to my friends.

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I think I should tell Sir where I've been.


She is a genius at mathematics.

I think that the train will be here soon.

How were you the first one to arrive?

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He mentioned her name for the first time.


Though I have neither money nor friends, I am not so unhappy as you think.

Why doesn't Shahid want us over?

This is a valuable addition to our collection.


Dogs like playing with other dogs.

When I went to bed on the evening of November 27, I picked up my blind cat and said to her, "You and me, we're alone in this world." But two days later, my blind cat died, and I've remained completely and utterly alone.

I can barely understand what he's saying.

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I hate it when you do that.


I read novels at random.


She is a really nice lady.


My mother made me clean the bathroom.

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The mother used her own milk to nourish the baby.

May I keep this photograph?

Miles Jackson doesn't run this company.

You need to get on your way as quickly as possible.

I want you to look for her.

We want to modify the regulations of our school.

These scissors don't cut well.


It's nice to be back home.

Diana always seems so sure about himself.

I just don't get it.

I'm looking for Marlena. You haven't seen him, have you?

You should save some money against a rainy day.

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My God! What is that?


Slartibartfast was startled by the noise.

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The cookies are in the jar.


We'll fly there in 50 minutes.

You didn't give Matti a chance.

I need an assistant who speaks Korean.

The story was true.

They were turned out of doors.

Something happened to her.

Take your hands off me!

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We aren't ready.


Anti-Chinese sentiment is on the rise in Myanmar.


Jean eats a banana.

He spotted five mistakes in as many lines.

Ben and I don't get along. We have nothing in common.

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All I did today was play games.

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You hid the truth from me.

When was the last time you invited guests?

The weather will remain cold for several days.

The loan bears an 8% interest.

I thought you'd gone and left me.

He took out a coin from his pocket.

Slartibartfast left his ticket at home.

He made a polite bow to his teacher.

His hair was brown.


An individual with an annual income of more than 15 million yen is required to file his or her final tax return in March.

A week has seven days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The bird is in its nest.

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We won't see him again.

Cris still felt uncomfortable.

The idea of his concealment, not only agrees very ill with his reputed divinity, but associates with it something of pusillanimity.


My name is Francesca.

How many pairs of shoes have you got?

Civilization is now threatened by nuclear war.

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I study English and Japanese.

It's a good question. I will try to give a good answer.

Who is that man over there?

Marco's house is very big.

Jerald realized Stewart was probably getting hungry.

May his life be blessed with health and happiness all through.

Juliet was sentenced to five days in jail and a year on probation for drunken driving.

Samir told us to wait.

The entire town was destroyed in a fire.

I've already talked to the manager.

I told Jane how to get to our school.


Put the seat back.

Can you possibly help me?

Bush is not a liar.


Mysore asked Kent to sit down.


Have you ever danced in a party?

I'll keep the menu as a souvenir.

The confirmation hearings turned into a free-for-all.

He showed exceptional ability in mathematics.

Maarten doesn't own a house.

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As soon as you arrive, she will make something to eat.


This student put all others to shame by his industriousness.

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I want you to come to Boston with me.

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I always knew Peggy would succeed.

It's time for your shot.

Think walked down into the basement.

I became a woman.

Hurf has three thousand books.


This is a lot more fun than studying.

He misled me.

It was online that I sold the clothes.

Ask her to lend me a little money.

I can't get away from the office this afternoon.


I hope everyone agrees.

Ricardo, too, was almost killed.

Should I not have told her?

Oliver wished he'd never met Roy.

He despises Sherri.

She took him for all his money.

I believe you've dialed the wrong number.

He's in his fifties.

Needless to say, Norway has become the world's second largest oil supplier.

Since the bridge looks like a pair of glasses, they call it Meganebashi.

What exactly are you trying to do?


We used to be good at this.

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With Gregg on our team, we're more likely to win.

You are entitled to try once again.

I understand Kelvin was here yesterday.

Rest your foot on that step.

I was in Boston last month.

Let's eat while the food is warm.

I want to buy some shoes.

We're busier than we've ever been.

He prayed God to bless me.


She leapt from her chair.

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The travelers came from many lands.


Everett spoke for almost two hours.

I don't think it would be a good idea.

I hope you're having a fabulous day and we need to celebrate our birthdays together soon!


I fell asleep on the subway and went all the way to end of the line.

She was superstitious, as the people of that period usually were.

I ran across an old friend near the bank.

You have your whole life ahead of you.

He accused me of his defeat.

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I thought Alejandro would be out partying with Ira.

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I want water.

Can anyone verify this?

I'm not ready for a change yet.

Mahesh passed away three years ago.

Don't command me to not command you!

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It is completely out of the question.

Having everything is sometimes nothing.

She could hardly keep from laughing when she saw the dress.

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That doesn't agree with what he said.


I can't believe you don't want butter on your popcorn.

I'm here looking for Vincent.

Do you want to talk to Michelle?


Astronauts wear spacesuits.


I don't think Clayton would ever do something like that.

Space died alone.

I have no son.

They had lit a fire fit to roast an ox.

I had barely got in the house when the phone rang.

I've lost my religious faith.

You're not obligated to answer that question.

We reached our destination just as I thought the car was going to give up the ghost.

Your sister is beautiful as ever.

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I want everyone to love me.