T.N. Nova ~ Author of MM Romance and Fiction

T.N. Nova is the author of MM romance and fiction. She enjoys telling the stories which explore the relationships, emotions, and feelings of men in love.  Having been writing since she was young, she always seems to have plots popping into her head at the most random time.
Music, books, art, and writing have always played a huge part in T.N. Nova’s life. Even from a young age, She was creating stories, dabbling in art and music as well as enjoying reading. She’s developed quite the eclectic taste for all of those aspects as well.
She currently resides in the desert southwest United States. Twenty years of that was in Las Vegas, Nevada. The rest is in Phoenix, Arizona where she currently resides with her husband, Chris, and their daughter, Kali.
Yes, she loves the weather, even the warmth of Phoenix summers.
T.N. Nova wears different hats including wife, mother, author, blogger, and gamer. When she isn’t writing, her interests include listening to music, reading, watching a variety of movies, surfing the internet, and spending time with her family and friends. She’s even gotten addicted to Minecraft which she plays with her family.
While she isn’t a huge coffee drinker, she will indulge in a nice frappuccino or iced coffee. Her main drink of choice is Diet. Dr. Pepper and flavored iced teas. She fully admits to being a caffeine addict and a Minecraft addict.


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