Benson never stands up to his father.

Her eyes, a deep blue, were quite impressive.

Am I really that bad?

Henry slept in the back seat while Charles drove.

Ilya didn't have a good day.

The police followed up all their leads, but came up empty handed.

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Margie and his wife live in Boston.

What did Griff eat?

It's Tuesday.

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Why don't you come inside?

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Maureen won't be disappointed.

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A Mr. Brown wants you on the phone.


Donnie doesn't respect his father.


I have no control over what you do.

Could you spell your name, please?

Naresh loves attention.

The chess pieces are pawn, knight, bishop, rook, queen, and king.

He assumed that the train would be on time.

How did she find that out?

I am keen on learning English to a higher level. I want to take up my English skills to the next level!

You're giving a speech tomorrow aren't you?

We gave up.


My work here is done.

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Tardigrades are very tough animals.


Lila has a nice camera.

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We cannot turn back.

Why are we helping Billie?

He has been busy this week.

Toerless is one of the best guitar players in Australia.

Give her some flowers in return for her kindness.

It's a complete sham.

Traces of soap were found in the victim's lungs. I suppose they drowned her in the bath.

I can't look at you without thinking about Ken.

Claude won't be alone.


Where were you writing?

How are you this morning?

I have a mild pain here.


That's completely verboten.

He concentrated on his work.

They win hands down!


Line up by height, please.


The crowd acclaimed the new king.


Niels may not be wrong.


Xavier proclaims a syncretic stance in religion.

I enjoy talking with you.

I don't see anything there.

You will catch us.

Drew and Eddie enjoy playing music together.

Where is the printer?

The horse is a useful animal.


If I could have understood what Hurf meant, I wouldn't have made this mistake.

Can you accompany me there, please?

I don't think it'll rain tomorrow.


I have complete confidence in you.

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Are you sure you want to know?

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The funeral was yesterday.

They established official relations in 1979.

I lived in Boston many years.

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Benjamin called the sense of awe and reverence experienced before a great work of art "aura".


In this family, jokes are not laughed at but rejoined with other jokes.

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Claudia isn't the right man for Rod.

We were very hungry.

We should be dead by now.

She hired a private detective.

It's unlikely that the meeting will start on time.

She is a lady among ladies.

Panzer has another plan.


Jarvis lost his hearing.


I had never seen such an exciting baseball game before.

Bjorne asked me to call him John from now on.

Mr. Yamada is in charge of the personnel section.


Students don't raise their hands much.

Are you going back to the campus?

I love your top.


This was the highlight of my day.

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The ship hull is divided into watertight compartments.


We can't find him anywhere.

We watch movies on the DVD every Saturday night.

Maybe we should try to change that law.

I want you to start right now.

I know what I'm talking about.

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Please get out of here as quickly as you can.

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I wish I had as much money as Randall.

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We have witnesses.

Do you want these?

Well-made roads extend far from the city.

I'll ride my bike to work.

How's the weather in Boston?

Don't worry. I won't tell Manny.

Tommy likes to listen to music from the eighties.

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We lead a very ordinary life.


The chauffeur opened the limo door for Roxanne.

We're not fools.

From now on, I'll be different and I'll try to become a most obedient boy.

I still don't think it's funny.

I bought a beginner's Swahili book at the secondhand book shop.

I haven't seen this one for a while.

I am glad to hear that you have got well.


Glynn should've done what Sehyo told him to do.

The guests are in the living room.

I haven't seen them anywhere.

I am tired of doing the same things every day.

Hugh couldn't bear to look at Rudolf's dead body.

Did you plan that with Jacobson?

They ski.

In Saudia, women do not drive cars.

Today, I am very tired.

I know it's not true, but it definitely seems like the sun revolves around the Earth.

Let's go talk in the other room.

Hand it over. That's all you've got?

It is said that the castle dates back to the 11th century.

Don't say I'm a sucker.

I want you to have me.


Carolyn has done what we expected him to do.

The earth travels in an orbit around the sun.

I have frizzy hair.

I guess Bea's not particular.

Rwandan rebels are pushing their offensive south as fighting continues in the capital Kigali.


I'm really confused about my faith right now.

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Giovanni must care about you very much.

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Representatives made a major breakthrough in the trade talks.

Pandora, I'm bored.

Are you psyched?

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It's riskier than it looks.


I'm still not used to living in Boston.


Almost all the students enjoy their school life.

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He walked back and forth on the platform while waiting for the train.

British scientists have established that if you turn the flag of Japan upside down, you get the flag of Japan.

Jarmo forgot to turn off the stove.


Don't go there alone.


I don't think this is anything you'd be interested in.

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No one is obliged to do more than what he or she can.

You said that last time.

I just wanted to make sure you were OK.

He couldn't see the forest for the trees.

Susumu thought it over.

Drop in on us when you next visit London.

I'm sorry we have to ask you such things.

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I think we're getting behind in this work.

Please translate this sentence into Japanese.

Marshall expected more.

May all your wishes come true!

Could you please turn off the TV?

She acted like she didn't know anything.

She can't ski any more than Jane can.

What are the most important goals the company has defined for the upcoming year, and how does this role contribute towards achieving those targets?

Trying thinks that he's better than other people.

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I was only gone for thirty minutes.

Jerald still has feelings for Herve.

Sorry, give us the bowl!

Rusty would like to get something to eat.

I don't see how that would help.