Peace and Every Good

“We are a congregation of active women religious who have chosen to live the Gospel simply and plainly in the footsteps of Sts. Francis and Clare of Assisi. Our Sisters invite you to explore these pages and learn more about us, how we live, what we believe, and how we dedicate our lives to God through serving God’s Church and God’s people.”

-Sister Joanne Brazinski, OSF


INSPIRED by Francis of Assisi to follow Jesus Christ in total responsiveness to the Providence of God. WE EMBRACE the evangelical life in community, striving to live the poverty of Jesus Christ and to proclaim peace in the joy of the Spirit.


Prayers and Blessings for 2019

New Year 2018


Wishing you a blessed and peaceful New Year!  Let us go forward into 2019 with a renewed spirit. May our actions be a reflection of God’s love, not just today, but through all of our earthly lives.