Salash Delicatessen was founded to share the unique tastes of our authentic fine meats with you…

Generations of our family have perfected the ways to make our proper dry-cured meats and we faithfully continue using these traditional skills and knowledge for which there is no substitute. We proudly keep to our original family recipes – insisting on using only the best cuts of naturally raised meat and other selected all-natural, organic raw ingredients – to slowly develop the wonderful textures, unrivalled depth of flavours and excellent natural keeping qualities across our range of products. Salash Delicatessen is the first and only producer of proper, truly authentic, salami in New Zealand – we do not use starter cultures or any additives or chemicals in any of our products.

…the taste is pure and natural. Enjoy”
Our best products

To make the very best products we use only the very best, all-natural and organic ingredients and apply our authentic traditional methods. Humanely raised animals provide the very best meat and organically grown spices provide the most vibrant flavours.

Bachka Chorizo

Bachka Chorizo {Serbian: Bačka Kobasica} is remarkably rich and lavishly spiced and an absolute triumph of taste.


Offering a superb taste and sensational quality, Salash Delicatessen Prosciutto {Serbian: Å unka} is our centuries-old traditional version

We love to assist to yearly events and show our fine meats to the world

These are from our latest event Winetopia 2018