Welcome to AdvBlocker.com

What we offer: We block web sites that "serve" the ads that you see on web pages. Our servers are powered by the open source software "Pi-hole" which blocks ad-serving domains. Lists of known ad-serving domains are pulled from third party sources and from our own research and blocked at the DNS level. While we can't block every ad we do block most of them. So what then do you see in place of an ad? Usually absolutely nothing but white space!

AdvBlocker.com blocks ads BEFORE they are downloaded so your system will perform better and you will use less data. Our ad blocking can also reduce cellular data usage because all those ad pages are never even downloaded. Our servers currently (Jan 2018) block over 130,000 ad-serving domains.

You can block advertisements on any device. Our service is installed on windows by utilizing a small free open source software package pre-configured to our service or just by entering the AdvBlocker assigned DNS server numbers to your network connection.