It's okay for boys to cry.

Jelske didn't have to get up so early.

I'm excited about participating.

It's all over with poor Lorien.


What sort of yogurt do you like best?

Ravindranath asked Kanthan if she knew how to play that song on the flute.

What's the minimum salary in China?

The Bank of Japan is considered to have conducted a support buying of an estimated $1 billion on the Tokyo foreign exchange market.

I was often there.

This is between them and me.

Meditation gives me peace of mind.

I am happy that you are my friend.

Lincoln died in 1865.

What business is it of yours what I do with my money?

Quit dragging your feet.

I don't want to hurt her.

You should never say "never".

Why did you help me?

I want to know who started it.

Not a few people live to be over eighty.

I'm different from everyone else.

At this trial, the judge is very respected.

Even in the winter, Kerri usually leaves the window open when he sleeps.

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We agree on this point.

Our hearts are linked.

I see, waking up early as an important matter.


Maybe you'd like to meet Brian.

It was a long day.

Murph looks a little tired.

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He is a teacher at our school.

Matthieu is a lot of fun.

Let's play soccer.

You must study hard while young.

This ticket entitles the bearer to one chocolate sundae.

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He crossed me up.


It caught me off guard; I didn't know what to do.

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Wilmer is afraid of spiders.

I can't go out, because I was injured a week ago in an accident.

I'm cold. May I close the window?

Jane's dream was to find herself a sugar daddy.

The manager of the team quit suddenly.

If you need me, call me.

Her cardigan was unbuttoned.

"I'll bring my dog along, so you can meet him." "What?! Don't you dare bring that animal here!"

We see the same side of the moon at all times.


The simplest sentences are the most elegant ones.

Dewey borrowed my clothes without asking me.

The expansion of the building's west end is being studied.

It was a bummer.

I'm feeling dizzy.

You are mortgaging Matti's future.

A tooth can be replaced with an implant.

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Walt ignored Christofer's warning.

I hear you are still associating with him.

What's your favorite opera?

In this case, the adjective goes before the noun.

Elias suggested that we should leave earlier than we'd originally planned.

Matti avoided listening to sad and sentimental love songs after he and Brooke had split up.

Do you know where Duncan's staying?


For choice, I'll take this one.


I'm not sure that's a good idea.

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Norman isn't used to city life.


Unless it's absolutely necessary, I don't use taxis.


The meeting went ages longer than it should have, because the chairman allowed people to ramble on about things that weren't on the agenda.

I just realized it's much more work that I have thought.

I'm only happy when it rains.

How about you buy me a drink?

We should meet up later, so that I can deliver this to you.

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Antony poured Dan a glass of red wine and then one for himself.

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Pratapwant is hungry.

Now means now.

Jack may have taken my umbrella by mistake.

As a married man, he must think of the future.

And what are we doing now?

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France's Antoine Griezmann was named as the player of the tournament.

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Elvis is wearing bangles on his wrists.


He made me so angry that I got a headache.


This did not satisfy Darci, and the relationship between them cooled.

I never get to spend any time with Rakhal.

I knew all along that he was telling a lie.

Werner didn't tell me that he didn't have a driver's license.

They crouched down beside her.

I had my headphones on so I didn't hear Valerie enter the room.

He could not carry out his plan.

He claims his motives are ideological, but I think they're more about principal than principles.

Be merciful.


Lord's thirty.

The doctor tells me not to touch alcohol.

He was at ease with strangers.

You can't back out.

You look pretty down.

We walked up stairs.

In the end, he also faltered in the face of great adversity.

This isn't for Leila.


I played with Tony yesterday.

Irfan is friendly to everyone.

Simon couldn't wait until the weekend.

I hope my dream will come true.


Srivatsan is fascinated by Japanese anime and manga.

Let's do away with all formalities.

First the immigrants, next you. Our solidarity - the answer to social cannibalism.


I'm not sure how to do that.

We don't have a lot of time.

I observed him stop.

The architect adapted the house to the needs of old people.

Will couldn't help but look disappointed.

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It's late already. Go home.

You talked to her, didn't you?

Nobody believed her.


The door remaining locked up from inside, he could not enter the house.

We have to buy it from abroad.

The party opened with his speech.

The piano has a good tone.

I have a feeling that he knows the secret.

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He rested for a while.

We'll bring them.

Anatole has ordered one.


I hate everyone.

Elliot has more money than he can spend.

I want to get to know her.

I have to cook the vegetables.

Norman came to France with the intention of studying French.

I think it sounds good.

Donald is important.

Aren't you going to finish your supper?

Dimetry married his high school crush Vaughn.

I want to know where Izzy lives.

Our headquarters are located in another part of town.


Why didn't you tell me what you were doing?

Bjorne was just teasing.

I want blue eyes!

Please mind the gap between the train and the platform.

It's really unfair.

The Supreme Court attacks school segregation.

That would be awfully sweet of you.


Do you have any plans for today?

Oh no, it's her again.

I'm pretty sure Griff's willing to do what needs to be done.


Pythagoras' theorem allows you to calculate the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle.

This bad weather will affect the crops.

Kathryn wasn't here on that particular day.

I voted.

I'll find another one.

I didn't want to tell you this.

My father always comes up with something witty to say.

Have you known her long?

If I were you, I would ignore it.

Today a law was enacted which allows abortion.

They were all tired out.

Seth admitted defeat.

Consider the options.


It is true that Louis is a strict father.

A woman asked me for directions.

This is his handbag.

How many people did we leave behind?

Next time, I will wear boots!

Leif is as dull as dishwater.

That was disconcerting.

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I made no such promise.

I don't have two cats.

I feel like I'm forgetting something.

Do you not remember what you said anymore?

I'd like to borrow fifty dollars from you.


I think Maarten is flexible.

I think when death closes our eyes, we plunge into so powerful beams that in comparison with them even the sunlight seems like a shadow.

I'm staying pretty busy.