In the United States, school buses are yellow.

The portrait of her was true to life.

'Kiss my nose', I answered as I didn't want to say 'ass' to her.

I think Delbert lied to Skeeter.


I told them I hated them.

Fritz's book tops Christmas sales of books and hardly any book will put it off its game.

The lemonade is too sweet.

Stefan said he was retiring.

I'm talking to them right now.

Why do you interrupt me all the time?

We started to use Windows 3.1 in the beginning of 1994.


We hope for the best.


Actually, we don't have a choice.

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Madagascar is called "Madagasikara" in Malagasy.

I feel like an impostor.

What a fool he is to leave school.

Joshua was almost caught while he was stealing money from the cash register.

What have you learned today?

Do you really want that on your conscience?

I think I've fallen in love with you.


I agreed to help her.


I highly recommend her.

Drinking coffee may help you stay alert.

Why are you so gloomy?


Why did you volunteer to do this?

Linda knew about Dan's affair.

I know a couple of good restaurants on Park Street.


The robot does whatever its master tells it to do.

Don't make me guess.

An old man lay dead on the road.

The term neural net was traditionally used to name a network or circuit of biological neurons.

Air is a mixture of gases that we cannot see.


Go on, sit down.

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Our teacher had hardly finished the class when the bell rang.

Doesn't that bother you?

Irfan grabbed a chair.

Ira is a member of the SAS.

Do you like oysters?


May I take off my coat?


How did you know I wanted to go to Boston?


Magnus wants to have a meeting with you.

Ernie sat alone by the fire.

For a girl of her age, Emil expresses very clever, remarkable thoughts.


Ping is in the copilot seat.


What's the name of that station?

My parents don't know where I am.

Remember to meet me at the station.

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He couldn't help doing so in the face of opposition.

We often play chess after school.

The university bears the name of its founder.

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That might have been true.

Wait a minute!

There was a pile of pinecones under the tree.


Sridhar hates raw onions.


Does this sound stupid?


Bonds together with some money was stolen.

Louis is easily distracted.

My housework is to wash the dishes.

The rice crop was harvested.

Cast iron is an alloy of iron and carbon.


Steen deserves a raise.


You must keep up a good relationship with your neighbors.

It was quite pleasant.

I got hit by a car.

What's your annual income?

Billie is a hard worker.

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She knows more than she's letting on.


Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, not smoking, and getting your blood pressure and cholesterol checked regularly are key ways to reduce your risk of dementia.

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I have finished shower.

I worked hard to succeed.

All things considered, she is a fairly good wife.

Let's go for a walk after lunch.

Paul's knowledge of creative bookkeeping has been the secret of his ability to get all the staffing he needs.

Use your brain!

The professor briefly and clearly described the topic of his study.


I wonder what Sheila would do.

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That's what I'm focused on.


I was still at home.

It's a good camera.

I'll have to take Jeanne with me.


The pursued remnant of soldiers decided it was high time for a show-down one way or another.


Christofer handed the salt shaker to Kris.


Don't go out without an umbrella.


They're kidding.

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The game exhausted me.

I always get home by six o'clock.

He agreed to wait for horses and ordered supper.


I wasn't sure where I was supposed to wait.

What did June talk to Vice about?

Sergio has been awful.

That's another one you owe me.

In spite of the heavy rain, he decided to go out.


The kids are asleep.

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I don't have time to do the laundry.

The next train to arrive was from Chicago.

Have you decided what to do next Sunday?

I'm scared of killing animals.

Brender's achievements speak for themselves.

The table was covered with paper.

I think I'll ask Sriram to help us weed the garden.

He's not good at remembering names.

When have they ever done anything for me?

Kelly was an outsider.

She already did that.

Write me sometime, OK?

She doesn't have many books.


I am not afraid of dying of old age.


Her persistent work ethic was due to her education in the school of hard knocks.

Which language is spoken in Uruguay?

Last winter, it snowed a lot.

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Tell Max that I'll call him back.

We're going to talk about it at the meeting.

How are you getting along with your new job?

It's in my pocket.

"How will you keep Sheila from going to the police?" "I'll offer him money."


Tuna doesn't play video games.

I slightly bent over to choose a coffee and get the change.

We have been studying English for three years now.


I can't go through with this.

Hand me my towel.

Your best teacher is your last mistake.

Once in a while my uncle took me to the harbor.

"What shall I call him?" he said to himself. "I think I'll call him Pinocchio."

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

These oranges have gone bad.


Do you have proof?

Isn't this weather just great!

She tried to do a backflip.

Some didn't want to discuss.

I got there as fast as I could.


She used to date him.

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We have no one to guide us.

Markku had never had a one-night stand; it wasn't his nature.

I have a cold sore on my lip.

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Miltos has some explaining to do.


Spacewalkers must wear pressurized spacesuits in order to work in space. These suits have pressures significantly lower than the ambient cabin pressure of a spacecraft.


A lifetime is short, but feels long.


It is possible.

They haven't heard from Kees.

Why are you protecting her?

She asks questions about the education of children.

This room smells of gas.

I don't see Louis often.

It's a pleasure.

I wish you had told me when Huey expected me to be here.

Marek didn't get there in time.


The lives of people are short.

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Is Jacques in your class?

He wants something cold to drink.

Which one are you bringing?