Blogging – What Does It Take To Run A Product Review Blog?



Every day I see more and more people starting up their own Product Review blogs but for most of these people, they don’t realize how much work it takes to keep that blog running smoothly. A lot of bloggers have the misconception that they can throw together a blog quickly and that the blog will practically run itself. That is so wrong!!!

When you set up your riva berkovitz you will need to do many things to it before you can even start publishing product reviews. You will need to install a template design, a stat tracker, a contact you form, social media share buttons, a disclaimer policy, a terms of service policy, a RSS feed and several other things. All of these things will take some web site technical experience and it will certainly take you several days to just get all of those tasks done.

Once you have the design and technical aspects done, you will need to work on some content. I can tell you first hand…no company is going to sponsor a product review or giveaway on a blog that doesn’t have any content or blog followers on it. I recommend that you start writing and posting on your blog a minimum of 15 posts for at least 2-3 weeks before you even solicit a company for a review. I suggest picking several things from around your house that you personal use and enjoy and write about them and post that on your blog for your content. Once you have content, it is now time to solicit a few companies for sponsorship.

Once you get your blog rolling, it will consistently need your attention. Running a product review blog is a lot of hard work. You will need to spend countless hours every week searching out new sponsors, writing up new reviews, hosting a few giveaways, updating your web site, advertising your web site on various social media outlets, etc. You certainly can’t slap up a product review blog and expect it to run by itself, that simply is not a realistic expectation.

For those who are considering starting a product review blog, make sure you have the time and skills that will be needed to make your blog successful. You don’t want to start a blog that you can’t possibly manage in a few weeks. Doing this type of work takes a lot of hard work and can be very time consuming, but in the long run…it is also very rewarding.

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