Considering Wooden Flooring



Wooden flooring could almost be seen as a new product considering how many improvements there have been in recent years. However, many people don’t even consider a wooden floor, regardless of all the advantages. Due to many old misconceptions, some which were true but are no longer, and some that really never were, lots of folks dismiss wooden floors outright. Let’s see what’s changed by taking a look at some of those old ideas.

Is Wooden Flooring Difficult To Maintain?

This may have been the case with the wooden floors of yesterday, but no longer. Newer, quality wooden flooring has a top coating that is made to be refinished, but even that is not always necessary. In reality, even the cheapest wood floors can be kept looking nice with strategic use of area rugs, and being sure to always use floor protectors with furniture. The only real concern with a modern that is not always controllable is moisture.

Wooden Flooring Is Expensive

Like anything quality, wood floors can end up being costly. To say that wooden flooring is the most expensive of all floors is not necessarily true, however. Since this product comes more directly from a natural source than many other types of flooring, the region in which you live can have a large impact on prices. There are also aesthetic considerations that really don’t exist with many other types of flooring. If wooden floors seem extremely pricey, be sure that you’re comparing apples to apples. You may find that you’re comparing different quality floors altogether.

Isn’t Wooden Flooring Bad For The Environment?

This is one of the biggest myths surrounding wooden floors and, ironically, is also the furthest from the truth. We all know that wood comes from trees, and that, in recent years, trees have been disappearing at an alarming rate. Well, this is what we think we know, anyway, because we see trees being bulldozed and hear all the reports of doom from the media. The truth is, there was actually less standing hardwood timber fifty years ago. This is due to careful management of forests that are grown specifically for this purpose. No other type of flooring comes directly from a resource that can be, and is, simply regrown.

Isn’t Wooden Flooring Bad For Allergy Sufferers?

You’re probably used to being attacked by pet dander and dust when you go into homes with wooden floors if you have carpet in your home. However, the home is properly taken care of, wooden floors are actually a lot healthier than any carpet. This is due to the fact that just about anything that causes allergy issues that can float about can also contaminate carpet. Dust, dust mites, toxins, and mold that collect on our clothes every day will inhabit carpeted floors. All that needs to be done to clean a wood floor is a good sweeping. In fact, wooden flooring is nearly impervious to all contamination, unlike just about every other type of flooring.


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