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People put a pool on their land, or purchase homes with one, because they wish to benefit from the rewards that a swimming pool can offer. But one of the chief difficulties with them, is the work they could take to keep them clean and healthy. Though you may set up a filtration system in the pool itself, there are still a few spots that only above ground pool vacuums can deal with. Before purchasing one, however, it is helpful to be aware of the different types of cleaners on the market and their uses. That way you’ll understand exactly what to look out for when picking a brand and model.

1. Suction side Cleaners – these cleaners rely on the suction and filtration system of the pool. This is especially helpful for cleaning up the base of the pool without having to grip the best above-ground pool vacuum cleaner in your hand all the time. It’s fully automatic so you are able to leave it operating on its own.

One problem you may face is when there are too many leaves or other stray vegetation falling in the pool. This clogs up the filters, so choose a different type of cleaner if you reside in a leafy locality.

These are the cheapest sorts of swimming pool cleaners you will find. So that’s a distinct advantage.

2. Pressure side Cleaners – these types of pool vacuums work on the pressure that’s being produced by the water pump. Unlike the suction-side 1, this variety employs a bag to contain the dirt that it removes from the pool, so you do not have to think about your filter becoming blocked up.

The issue with these though is that pretty tiny particles might get through the bag that’s being used by the cleaner and wind up back on the bottom.

3. Robotic Swimming Pool Vacuums – these kinds of above ground pool vacuums run independently of the filtration system of your pool. This means you do not need hoses in order to them. They have internal electric motors and are driven by being plugged into an electrical socket. They’re ready programmed to pump the dirt, grime and other debris, found in your pool, straight into the internal filters.

Robotic pool cleaners are the costliest, with prices running from about 400 dollars all the way to as high as two thousand dollars. But, despite the price, this type of cleaner will almost definitely work the best, so you will want to balance your needs beside your finances.

If you do not require something as innovative as this, then a model of one of the two types mentioned previously will probably be the best for you.


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