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Screening Interview To Stamp Out The Weak

A screening interview is a brief interview used by employers to quickly and efficiently eliminate unsuitable or unqualified applicants. This is usually carried out over the How many stamps do I need?  or these days by web cam. Some companies use job agencies to initially screen potential employees. The screening interviews tend to focus on confirming and clarifying that you have the essential minimum requirements needed for the job you are applying for. Employers use this interview to save time and money during the interview process.

Put On the Spot

Sometimes you may apply for vacancies speculatively, only to find that you are being interviewed on the spot! This will be informal and unstructured as the interview/manager would not have prepared any questions to check if you have the minimum requirements for the job you are applying for. These days this interview is becoming rarer but often happens in retail and small businesses.


You are likely to have a telephone interview for all jobs that requires you to use the telephone as the main job duty, such as telesales jobs. Telephone and webcam interviews can be used when the interviewee cannot attend an initial interview (Perhaps due to the job role being overseas) This type of interview is used to save recruitment costs and in order to decide which candidates they want to interview face to face.

The Traditional Face to Face

This is the most common of all interviews; the interview can sometimes be informal as only one person is involved. The HR staff will often have a selection of prepared questions designed to find out if you have the skills, qualities and knowledge for the position you are applying for. Often the manager or HR representative will carry out this interview. The interview is generally 10-12 questions long, lasting around 45 minutes.

3 Verses 1

The panel interview is scary for most. In this situation you will be questioned by several people making up the panel. The actual number of interviewers can vary depending on the company. On the panel they may have an expert/manager who knows the job you are applying for and will coordinate the interview and questions. Or the panel, normally when the panel size consists of 2 or 3 interviewers, will co-ordinate the questions between them. Ensure you look at each member of the panel and involve them all during the interview.

The Follow Up

Follow up interviews often happen when you are applying with large companies who have a big recruitment drive on. Only a small number of interviewees will be asked to attend a follow up interview and being one of them is a great sign, as it shows you that the employer is very interested in you.

Group Task

This is an informal interview with a large number of other interviewees, often used for customer service based roles. You will be asked discuss a topic or complete a problem solving exercise. A group selection process can last anywhere from two hours to a whole day. Interviewers will be watching for your contribution and your role within the group. Consider what skills they would like to see from you. As a natural leader you may be great at organising and getting the task in hand done but you might need to be aware of using your listening skills and allowing others to talk.

The Sequential Interview

Sequential interviews are where an applicant is interviewed in stages. You may have to complete certain tests including Literacy and Numeracy. You may be asked to attend interviews with several people, with each interviewer asking questions relating to a different aspect of the job role.


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