How To Install Your New Under Cabinet Range Hood



Appliances are one of the most prominent aspects of the kitchen. For this reason, we try to keep them in good shape so that they last. Sometimes, however, due to no fault on our parts, the appliances may fail. This is often seen in the case of a range hood, the system above your stove that gets rid of any fumes and smoke while you are cooking. Replacing the range hood is your only option, but they are relatively inexpensive at your local hardware store or online. If you have the experience, you can replace the range hood yourself to save money. Installing your own range hood can be done within a matter of a few hours.

Simple Tips for Installation

Because of the electrical work required, you should first turn off the electricity that is powering your appliance. There is usually only one circuit for the kitchen. Once the electricity is turned off, you can proceed with the installation.

Step #1: Remove the old range hood, if it has not already been removed. You can do this by removing the wiring and screws that are holding the appliance in place.

Step #2: Ensure that your new appliance will fit. A general rule for these appliances is that they must be at least 24-36″ above the cooking surface. They must also cover the entire cooking surface in order to effectively work. The wiring that you will connect should also reach a solid 12″. If it does not, you will need to contact an electrician to assist in the installation.

Step #3: Determine if your range hood will require duct work. If it does, you will need to pay careful attention to where the duct will be installed. Some stoves will have duct work that run up through the cabinets while others will go directly into the wall. If your appliance does not require any duct work- like a Broan NuTone 24″ Stainless Steel Ductless Under Cabinet Range Hood – you can skip this step.

Step #4: Mount the Appliance. Once you have determined where the wiring will connect, you are ready to install the appliance. Make sure all of your connections are tight to ensure that it functions properly.

When doing any electrical work, be sure that you know how to handle the wiring. If you are unsure, calling in the aid of an electrician will benefit you and ensure that the appliance you’re installing functions properly.

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