Intellectual Property Rights – What’s Mine Is Mine



It’s been stated that “good artists borrow and great artists steal”. Whether or not that’s true is irrelevant but what is relevant is that if you’ve invented or created something, it’s yours. Even if others disagree, you’re protected under the legal statutes of intellectual property rights. However, creative ideas, no matter how original, are intangible and proving that something was yours first can become murky and difficult to prove. In some instances it becomes necessary to hire an attorney to ensure that you and your creation are properly safeguarded against potential thieves. Especially if your idea has the possibility of generating capital, certain legal defenses need to be in place to assure you, the inventor, that what you’ve created is yours and not to be copied, identically designed, or otherwise stolen all together.

There are two types of intellectual property rights, copyright and industrial, that defend against different aspects of intellectual property. Copyright law states that anything artistic in nature, such as literary or musical works, are protected against duplication. Industrial property, which consists of distinctive things like trademarks and symbols, are similarly secured. No one can copy the logo or symbol of a corporation without being held accountable for infringement, nor can anyone pass off a hit song as their own. Download Property Aspects of Intellectual Property PDF rights protect both individuals and companies as a whole.

With the rapid rate of technological expansion, copyright and industrial infringements are becoming evermore prevalent and it’s more important to know your rights as a creator. These laws are in place to ensure the growth and expansion of our arts communities and to protect those who participate. To guarantee the fullest and most thorough protection available it may become necessary to hire an attorney. After all, no one knows the law better than a lawyer and to make sure that you’re getting the maximum level of defense our legal system can offer, hiring a lawyer is the safest bet.

It’s not difficult to steal ideas and if your idea is bankable or otherwise important to you then you may need the aid of a lawyer to confirm that your property is protected under the law. The likelihood is that what you’ve created is important to you, and possibly profitable to others. If it’s important enough to protect legally from potential thieves then hiring a lawyer is a concrete way to create peace of mind. Never has the phrase “a mind is a beautiful thing to waste” had more meaning and relevance than when discussing intellectual property.


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