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Effective lockout and tagout is important for the safety of your workers. This is because, uncontrolled hazardous energy can cause accidents, that may result in serious injury, the loss of a limb, or even death. Today, we are going to talk about some important lockout tagout devices, and how they help control this hazardous energy.

Mini Lockout Station: This piece of lockout tagout equipment is kept next to lockout points such as machine isolators. This enables workers to easily and quickly access these devices when required. Hooks at the bottom allow for the hanging of hasps or padlocks. Depending upon the brand, a mini lockout station may have an ‘open box type pocket’ for small materials, like tag holders. (Pockets can often be customized. Contact your manufacturer of xshn products.) Wall hanging types come with pre-drilled holes, so that they can easily be mounted on the wall.

Circuit Breaker: As the name suggests, this product is used to lockout a particular breaker within a circuit breaker panel. Breakers of all major brands, of single and multi-pole breaker configurations, can be isolated. The advantage of using this device is, once a breaker is isolated, one doesn’t need to lockout the entire breaker box. A range of circuit breaker lockouts is available to cover different lockout situations. For uniquely-sized breakers, additional options are also available. Go for a circuit breaker lockout that is strong and durable.

Electrical Panel: This device enables you to lock circuit breakers in an ‘Off’ position. It prevents unauthorized individuals from getting access to circuit breaker panels. Electric panel lockout ensures that critical equipment is not shut down accidentally. Usually made of MS (Mild Steel) sheet and has a locking arrangement. It should ideally take a few seconds to install. Depending upon your vendor, you may be provided with a padlock along with this device. It should be available in a variety of colours.

Valve Lockout: This device allows gas and fluid valves to be shut off. Preventing valves from opening when repair or maintenance work is going on, is of great importance. Since there are different types of valves, there are different types of valve lockouts. An example may be of ball valves, that are handles that need to be turned at 90° for shutting off. These require ball valve lockouts, that are determined by the handle length. Similarly, gate valves, that are round knobs, require gate valve, determined by the diameter.


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