Minimize Back Pain With Back Strengthening Exercises


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Everyone today has a busy schedule. Physical and emotional stress seems to be a natural byproduct of today’s business climate. Back pain, especially in the lower back, is prevalent today. Little attention, however, is paid to a simple solution to most stress induced back pain – back strengthening exercises. Good exercises to strengthen back muscles have proven to provide more long term benefit and relief from back pain than medications. Many have completely eliminated back pain from their lives through regular exercise. Some of the basic back strengthening exercises are discussed below.

Back Strengthening Exercise No. 1

Lie flat on the floor on your back with your legs on top of an exercise ball that is placed under your knees. Pull your abdominal muscles toward the inside. Remain in this position for about five seconds. Do not arch the lower back area. Place your hands at the side of your body as you do this. Perform this exercise about four or five times.

Back Strengthening Exercise No. 2

Bend down onto the floor with your weight distributed on both hands, knees bent, and hand separated at shoulder width. Pull in your abdomen toward the spine to squeeze your abs. Try not to arch your spine. With the left arm held straight, extend your right leg backwards. Hold this position for two seconds or as long as possible. Repeat the routine on the other side. Perform this exercise four times one each side.

Back Strengthening Exercise No. 4

While standing straight, with feet placed together, gently contract the abs gently and place your hands on your hips. With your right foot, take a long step ahead. Bend down until your right knee forms a 90 degree angle. Your left leg should be bent at the knee slightly. Return to the starting position without any pause. Repeat this process with the other leg. Perform about ten repetitions for each side.

Back Strengthening Exercise No. 4

Stand up tall with your feet pointed away from each other. Let your arms dangle at your side. Raise your right arm over your head and bend your body leftward. Stay in the position for ten seconds of so, and slowly return to the starting position. Perform the same exercise for your other size. Repeat this routine no less than ten times on each side.

Back Strengthening Exercise No. 5

Lie down with your back flat against the floor. Lift your right leg and cross it over to place it on your left knee. Using your left hand, pull your raised knee toward the floor for as far as you can stretch it. Stay in this position for at least ten seconds. Repeat this routine with the other leg. Perform this exercise five times on each side.

Back Strengthening Exercise No. 6

Lie face down with your stomach pressed on the floor. Reach your arms above your head and hold them straight. Inhale and lift your arms and head off the floor. Hold this position for two seconds and return slowly to the starting position. Repeat this routine at least ten times.

Performing these back Propidren Funciona exercises will provide you with fast and long lasting relief from back pain by strengthening your back muscles.


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