Peekaboo Spinning Dance Pole Kit Portable Review



Every woman wants to look her best and feel good about herself. And there is nothing that gives a woman feel of that better than the new “Spinning Dance Pole Kit Portable.” This pole dancing equipment will be probably the best gift that a woman can get for herself for workout sessions. Also, this dancing pole proves to be one of the best for home practicing of pole dancing lessons. According to the reviews, among all the oles available in online stores, the Peekaboo Spinning Dance Kit Portable proves to be the best due to its lightweight structure and great portability.

The most rewarding point of this dancing equipment is that it is easily adjustable in any given space and comes with a carry bag. With the help of this bag, a woman can carry her pole anywhere she wishes. Even while travelling, you won’t have to stop the dance lessons.

Due to the fact that these pole dancing pole are available in pieces, full-fledged pole dancing is not possible with it. However, it allows you to get maximum exercise, agility and excitement. This Peekaboo pole dancing pole has its top section extendable that can go up to the height of around 7’2″-8’6″. It also includes a guide for assembling as well as a free dance DVD, so after receiving your pole, you can work on it right away and fulfill your aim of losing weight, get fit, develop better flexibility and just feel perfect.

The chrome steel gives this pole dancing pole proper solidity, so the performer can practice as much as she desires. The height of the pole is easily adjustable as per wishes or requirements of the customer. This pole can easily sustain maximum weight on it too.

So this could be a perfect choice for someone who wants to start pole dancing or practice basic moves without any “crazy” staff. Remember, this equipment is made of multiple pieces, so you don’t want to risk by doing jumps or any other moves that require heavy loads. However, if you need it to surprise your special someone, that would be a perfect choice.

Brand Name: Peekaboo
Price: You can get it just for $149 from Amazon.
Type: Adjustable and Portable
Material used: chrome steel
Includes: One pole of chrome steel, one adjustable top-section, one base pole piece, one ceiling plate, one base plate, one spanner, one-storage & hand carry bag, instruction & assembly pole dance pole DVD.


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