Simple and Effective Hair Mask Ideas For Healthy Hair



We often apply makeup to hide pimples, dark circles, or skin problems. We tend to take regular care of our face and skin as we feel that gets enhanced the most. But what do we really do to take care of our hair? 

Dry and drab hair, which is rough and has split ends, makes you lose your personality to walk in with full confidence. You may not be able to avail of different hairstyles or do styling because of the ever-decreasing volume and rough condition. 

Instead of wasting time and money at the salon and chemically treating your hair, go for a regular hair care routine, and apply homemade hair masks to treat different hair conditions. Here is a list of very simple hair masks that can be made in a jiffy along with the application. 

Egg Whites

If you have oily hair, then you must have the phobia of having even more oily hair if you use a hair mask. But that is not the case if you use the right ingredients to make the hair mask and apply it following the perfect measures. It will instead make your problems go away and will cut off the secretion of excessive oil. 

You need to take one pinch of baking soda, one egg white, which has to be beaten well until it gets soft, and then you have to blend these two with one tablespoon of water. 

Do not put the paste on your scalp. Use a brush or your fingers to apply it from the root of the hair to the tip. Keep it for thirty minutes and then rinse it off with plain water first and then shampoo it away. Egg whites will help you remove the excess oil and cut off secretion of oil, and the baking soda will make sure that there is no other build-up from hair products.

Coconut Oil

Color treatments on your hair can make you look stylish, but if you fail to take proper care of it, you are just going to damage your hair strands, more than the chemicals have done to it. 

Apart from regular shampooing and getting spa done, mix one tablespoon each of coconut oil and honey and heats it until it melts.

 Apply it from the scalp to tips, let it stand for 30 minutes, and rinse it with shampoo. It moisturizes your hair, works on the damaged areas, and stops fatty acid production. Therefore, it leaves you with shiny hair. 


If you have a dry hair problem that is excessively damaged, it will keep on increasing in winter. Start applying the hair mask that will save you from it. 

Take coconut oil, olive oil, and honey each one spoon full and half Avacado with half cup mayonnaise. Mix with water in a blender until the pack blends well. 

First, wash your hair with warm water, apply the mask in the wet strands, and comb it. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse it off with cold water and then shampoo it. It will re-hydrate your hair and will give you back your shiny hair look.


If you have a dry scalp and flakes are giving you a hard time, a homemade hair mask will come to your relief. 

Two drops of almond oil along with two tablespoons of honey have to be blend with half a ripe banana. Almond removes dead cells from the skin, and bananas are rich in nutrients. 

Thus letting it still on your hair for 20 minutes and then washing it away with shampoo will leave you with flawless hair strands. 

Lemon Juice

When you have healthy hair and do not have problems, there lies a tendency not to use hair masks or do the necessary treatments. But it can damage your hair slowly. 

So take one egg (yolk and the white portion separately), lemon juice, almond oil, honey (one tablespoon each), and four tablespoons of beer. 

Mix the milk and oil with honey and apply it on your scalp. Blend the other ingredients and apply it from root to tip. Keep the homemade hair mask for twenty minutes and rinse it with water and shampoo for a result. 

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